Thanks to pushing me to leave GEARS

no ones forcing you to buy anything. Did a TC employee come to your house an hold a gun to your head and tell you to buy iron???


hmmm. That’s odd because I seem to be getting the normal star amount for medals.

They didn’t nerf all of them, but even 1 is too many when people have been going for it. They even said on stream that they didn’t want to edit the tour because they didn’t wan an outcome like this and they did it anyway.

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Yes they did. It was very traumatizing. I don’t know which employee it was, but he was dressed as Delivery Driver Mac.


I’m upset with TC,Microsoft and Nvidia because they don’t fix a issue on PC version (It crashes too on Xbox One but less often): Game crashes, freezes, error GW502, BSOD... A disaster
I played It with game pass ultimate both Xbox One and PC and later bought It on Steam, but after several connection issues, and specially game freezes, crashes or causing me BSOD, I requested refund and boycott this company.

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why did you even buy it in the first place ? Wrong move, game is not worth 70$.


I really like Gears of War franchise over the rest and I like the gunplay. I played a lot thousands of hours on each Gears of War title. But no more, I got the money back and TC can go to hell.
I didn’t preorder It btw. I played it with game pass ultimate, with their pros and cons I decided to buy It, but the game is broken, they don’t have the interest of fix It so I already requested and received the money back.


Next time, instead of pre ordering wait for trusted reviewers to get their hands on it.

I completed the 1000 assists for jack last night and was only awarded 3 stars. If I’m not mistaken it was 4 or 5 before said update/bug.

Nice tinfoil hat!

They changed a few medals, which some are now easier to get. Big deal. No one is forcing anyone to do anything.

Watch the door on the way out

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It was a 3 star to begin with sadly :disappointed_relieved:

The attitude you have will eventually lead to the tours being incomplete-able without spending iron. The fact that they went against their word combined with it being a negative change is what really bothers me even though it won’t hurt me this tour. They had opportunity to make positive changes and so far I haven’t seen any. All I have seen in the changes they made across the board (not only with medals) are either negative or lateral.

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Ye I wasn’t 100% sure, your probably right.


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Don’t worry, all the snarky fanboys playing defense for TC will be crying loudly if TC gets shuttered or Xbox becomes the next SEGA.

Both of which are looking more and more likely by the day since neither Xbox, nor its studios have any desire to cater to their core audience.

Sony and Nintendo figured it out a long time ago. I wonder how they’re doing…


I doubt that will happen. The google console be be the first to go if anything. Also Sony has no good multiplayer exclusives.

And just because people actually like the game and see the potential it has doesnt mean they are playing defense for TC. Just as people are hating on it people are allowed to like it also.

Heres something that a lot of people dont realize:

When something is bad people go out of their way to say so. Its not the same when something is good. So yea there may be a lot of people talking about how they dont like this or that but there are also a lot of people that are enjoying it

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Facts don’t care about your feelings (or fandom) Sony and Nintendo move product. Xbox has flatlined, software and hardware.

If multipayer games were the end all be all, PS4 would not be outpacing Xbox by more than 2-1 in software and hardware. Sony’s games, regardless of your opinion of them, outsell anything that Xbox has. God of War and Spider-Man broke actual sales records (as opposed to Game Pass rentals).

Argue as much as you want, the factual data is not on your side.

LUL why are we talking about God of Bore and Sony’s movie games now in this thRead? Is the criticism that Gears 5 caters to casuals too much, or is it that MS should be more like Sony and cater entirely to casuals in their first party offerings? Pick one or the other.