Thanks TC for auto scrapping items I dont have

It popped up an epic skin and then it auto scrapped it for 20 even tho I don’t have it

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Do you know which item it was?

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It looked like an epic mac skin

In fact I’m certain it was

Is there even an epic Mac skin in the game?

Epic skins aren’t worth 20 scrap - they scrap for 150.

I think the OP is mistaken. The only Mac skins aside from characters are the Banner and Bloodsprays but those aren’t acquired from the Supply Drops. It must have been something else?


Today I had a supply drop show the Hypno Overkill, but it still shows as locked in my inventory.
The OP may be on to something.

It couldn’t be…could it? The legendary purple Mac skin know as delivery driver Mac?!!. It has to be, that’s the only epic skin he has!!. It seems like op was blessed by the gods and got a quick glimpse at the beautiful DD Mac skin tho it was only a mere second.