Thanks Hulk daddy!

Well … finally a reason I’m glad TC hasn’t allowed scrapping of duplicates!

I never even thought of using enforcer skill card till I read hulk daddy recommended it . So after reading that post … updated the skill card using the 60 odd plus duplicates that were just sitting there for past 6 months.

Wow … it really does make a big difference on early waves especially. More useful than stim card . I only play inconceivable- advanced so no idea how it fares on masters but on those levels it’s great.
So thanks for posting hulk ! :+1::+1::+1:
anyone else use a skill they’d never thought they’d ever use but tried it after reading a recommendation!



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Credit where credits due :+1:

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Thanks man! Got me tearing up over here. I really appreciate that. :sunglasses:

But on that topic don’t use the Demo suggestion right now. TC did some secret update and the grenade is not giving you the ULT cool down that is was before.

Thank you again though. That was really cool of you posting this.



Appreciate that,

As in fact I did miss it.

Thanks again.

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I thought when people talk of scrapping of duplicates, they just meant they’d get some coins for all the excess cards sitting on top of their lvl 6, not that we would get the choice to simply scrap any cards we didn’t want. Ah well, I guess that isn’t the main point of this topic though.

thats what i thought too. in fact i thought it would just automatically happen

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So you know how scrapping is going to work? Where’d you hear that from?

No guess not. Just made the assumption it’d work as it did before the big store update, when we still had scrap. If you got a duplicate, the game would just auto scrap it for you and give you the scrap. That system would have to be adjusted to work with skill cards though, as it shouldn’t start counting duplicates until the card is maxed out. Far as I know they haven’t gone on record on exactly how it works, only that it’s coming soon.