Thanks for "Removing the crossplay option"

Thanks for “Removing the crossplay option”

This is something im asking since Gears 4. As PC/XBOX player because yeah i play on both system, that option + the “small computer icon” was a terrible way to split the playerbase.

Gears is not the convencional FPS shooter like Apex, CoD warzone, overwatch, fornite, quake champions. Where having 144hz/240hz/360hz will give to you a “real advantaje”. The game was designed to be played with controller plus everyone included the E-sport players use a gamepad. Did you saw a single profesional player on GEARS using kb/mouse “No”.

The standard of the monitors on PC its 144hz. Anything above of this gives you “mininal advantaje”. Keeping 238 stables FPS is imposible, no matter what CPU/GPU do you have.

What make you a GOOD player on GEARS and any other competitive game is the devotion you put into your daily training. Not your “hardware” playing on.


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