Thanks for making multiplayer unplayable

I used to play Gears daily. With or without friends. I gladly spent my money on useless characters, character and weapon skins and other nonsense I knew would not transfer to the next game.
But now? I play once or maybe twice a week. Get reminded that multiplayer is unplayable and don’t touch the game again. I don’t bother purchasing boost, iron or anything, with real money let me remind you, because what’s the point when multiplayer is a horrific mess?
Do Gears fans enjoy 2 vs 4? Or enjoy when someone quits and there’s no one there to fill the gap? Or the horrible gun tuning?
Does TC even PLAY the game they’re developing and constantly ruining with their God awful updates? Or do you guys sit in a conference room, decide on changes without fan feedback then pat yourselves on the back and congratulate each other on a job well done? Does TC enjoy losing money?
I’m frustrated that the game I played daily for the past 15 years is in such a miserable ruin. What’s going on man?


You made paragraphs, but forgot the spaces lmao

I appreciate it tho, on a real note however, I’d say that you are right.

This game is too slow for it to be anymore than lukewarm entertaining

Ranked ia fun, but it gets annoying when you get matched up with masters and put on the wrong severs


** is
** servers

To OP: I play PvE in Gears 5 and PvP in Gears of War 4.

I wish they didn’t start games when they’re severely unbalanced

I play a hell of a lot of guardian (the real deal) and it can literally be 5v1 and the round will begin. How and why is that possible?

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Right?! It drives me crazy. How matches can start with horribly unbalanced teams is beyond me. Look it was annoying being on a team of only bots but at least you weren’t alone against 5 other players. Plus I always felt better knowing that people can join my game at any time. I would feel relieved when I would see “XXX joined the game” at the bottom left corner knowing that one of my bots will be replaced with an actual player.

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This was me. Used to be.

I easily dumped $400 into this game but after op6 perma tuning I haven’t touched it really

I have gone back to prior games

Same same.

They won’t even listen to feedback, PvP wise, & just tell us we had a chance to provide feedback & it’s too late even though we were…

OP while I can sympathize with your plight.

You have put nothing concrete / worth discussing in your post.

I play weekly right now, once I get my Apex fix I will probably switch back to Gears. The game is still fun IMO.

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Theres little motivation for me to play, as my favorite game mode was exiled to Casual, where 90% of the matches are 3v2 with no bots. And when it’s actually 5v5, well… a few rounds go by then half the lobby quits :roll_eyes: And its not just me either, as most of my Gears friends (around 35 or so), are people I used to play with and against in Guardian during Op1/2. Well, most of them quit when it was removed, with a few moving to PvE, but still not online as often as before. I’ve also moved onto Horde, but really only play when theres guaranteed gold cards for Dailies.

Damn shame really. Never thought it’d get to the point that Gears was no longer my main PvP game (which it was for almost 14 years) and I’d lack any desire to play :frowning: Hell, even GOW3 I played for like two years after all content had stopped and I had long, long finished grinding for Seriously 3.0

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Hi mate
Play Gears 3 or 4 a lot more fun and less frustrating :+1::ok_hand:

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I still love gears 3 & 4. But I hardly find people to play with after a few hours.

I play KOTH on both games, social on 3 and ranked on 4. I’m UK based so tend to end up on “their” servers.

KOTH on 3, if I play early evening I usually end up in a lobby with 7-9 other players. Recognise all the names! I think there is a hard-core of maybe 200 regular players? 95% being Mexican/USA so the lag can be truly awful at times BUT when it runs ok (maybe 70% of the time) it is sublime. :+1:

KOTH on 4. Far bigger player base but again I’m on their servers a lot of the time, my ping is usually 120 odd! which while frustrating doesn’t seem to impact 4 much, unlike Gears 5…we all know about that.
Worst thing with 4 is the quitting, if you go one round down in Hill, 1 or 2 usually quit. At least if you do after, there is no penalty.

Yeah I don’t even have xbl now thanks to this tragic PvP so I’m saving money, thanks TC :slight_smile: