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Thanks coalition for this amazing game

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Isn’t that the purpose of games?


Hahahah! So true!
These threads can oftentimes be even more entertaining lol

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We try :smile:


Lol :joy:

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hehe, I don’t actually take myself (or my rank/etc) seriously at all, so this is pure entertainment for me too :slight_smile: You guys are a lot of fun (well, most of you :slight_smile: )

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Apologies but I was just stating fact, didn’t mean to offend anyone who’s a little delicate :v:

Oh don’t worry, I’ll keep going and you’ll keep reading :+1:

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Of course you don’t, the game doesn’t take you seriously being so lowly ranked as you are either :grimacing::v:

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TrollOmenLP - forever moaning and punching above his skill level at Gold.

What a legend.


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GOW4 is a flawed game for sure, but it’s still pretty good. I’d say in terms of mechanics it plays well and plays smoothly.

The key issues for me are:

(1) Campaign is very average. Characters are bland and don’t come across that well. It feels like TC played it too safe. I understand why the DeeBees feature cos they wanted to build up the anticipation and initial Mystery around the Swarm. The DeeBees may have overstayed their welcome though.

(2) Lootboxes and RNG - while I appreciate the range of character and weapon skins - this is by far the largest range of customisation items we’ve ever had in Gears, the way it’s delivered has been poor. Two main factors - the way Gear Packs and launch cards are crafted make the game very grindy. It would have been nicer and morevaried if it was like GOW3 where customisation items were unlocked through game play with varied challenge or have them linked to achievements. Also the Gear Pack and RNG stuff just seems greedy and profiteering.

(3) Horde skills using lootboxes and RNG - as above, this really sucks that Horde skills are reliant on RNG and is linked to the whole grindathon thing. Building up Horde skills should be progression, not luck. The whole grind and RNG factor pushed players to speedruns so thay they could efficiently and quickly get credits to buy packs and level up skills. And fact is most speedrunners would have preferred to be playing the game properly instead of monotonous speedruns.

(4) Two forms of weapon tuning - it just makes makes the game very confusing to grasp and forces players to have to readjust and readapt to different styles.

(5) Requirement to be online all the time. The campaign is the only thing that can be played offline. It’s frustrating that you can’t even play Versus against AI bots offline or splitscreen private Horde offline. I hope this changes for Gears 5.

However there are lots of positives like:

(a) Horde - while not perfect, for me it’s still the best iteration of Horde out of all of the games. It could do with more variety of enemies, but that’s more an issue with the general game rather than purely Horde. I love that fortifications can be placed anywhere so we have the freedom to be creative. The class based system is bother a blessing and curse. It adds some real depth, but equally can make Horde harder to grasp for newer players.

(b) Campaign pushes the new characters. While I criticised the new characters being bland, it does shift away from Delta Squad until the very end (Marcus aside). GOW4 needed this to avoid it being a nostalgia fest. It’s good that TC resisted this. I hope Gears 5 can develop the new characters more. GOW4 gave us little glimpses of Kait and Del being a bit more interesting so I hope this comes out in the next game.

( c) Weapons seem fairly balanced. I don’t get the sense there are any weapons are ridiculously powerful or particularly useless. All weapons have a use in Versus and while I disagree with some decisions lie removing the Hammerburst from the loadouts, weapon balance for me, seems pretty good.

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Disagree with point 4. It’s not hard to adjust to the two tubings. They exist for a reason and the balance is right to have both rather than going for one over the other or a hybrid that most likely won’t work.

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It’s a sad day for the Franchise when the damn forums are better than the most recent title itself.


It’s true though! I spend far more time on here then I do on the actual game

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Same, and I was on Gears 3 daily for 5 years solid.


Gears 3…hmmmmmm sounds familiar…:man_shrugging: