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Thanks coalition for this amazing game

(Keala89) #61

I thought the OP was being sarcastic/trolling with a title like that…

(ReaganSmash1985) #62

I agree that it’s an amazing game. I whine about different aspects of it but it doesn’t stop me from playing in constantly. Overall though its a badass game!

(xkASx KAIBIL) #63

one of the best of all an incredible saga that makes us love it and hate it … but we want it

(Yogy DMT) #64

Innovation for the sake of innovation is a recipe for disaster imo. Gears 4 i what this game should’ve been and there’s nothing wrong with mastering what is already there and what we know players enjoy

(J4CKA1) #65

Idk, to me they didn’t master it, they just dumbed down gears 3.

(Yogy DMT) #66

I disagree. Why do you say that?

(J4CKA1) #67

They took all the weapons out. Where’s the variety? Changed some of the maps, most were reskinned. Most of the Gears 4 only maps are fairly boring. The additions that they made were pretty basic or didn’t really do anything to improve the game. No arcade mode. No 4 player co-op. No unlockables…

That’s probably enough.

(Yogy DMT) #68

I guess we have different definitions of being dumbed down. To me i think a game is dumbed down when the gameplay becomes more and more one-dimensional. I think in Gears 3, it got closer to CoD, whee it became almost always about who has the faster reaction, who gets the first shot off because everything basically downed you instantly. This design philosophy allows for newer players to have an easier time getting kills but also it makes for “lower resolution” fights which mean veteran players don’t have as much control to consistently come out on top.

I don’t think giving someone a million different ways to kill someone in half a second constitutes more depth. Gears 4 did a bunch of great things IMO. Equal hitboxes, better control scheme, ranking system, symmetrical/better maps, more frames for animations, better netcodes, design/balance decisions that make for make skill based gameplay ( two shoot boom, melee that doesn’t suffocate CQC, weaker weapons for more back and forth, etc.). I see the things you mentioned as frivolities mostly and they don’t make the experience any more enjoyable for me.

(J4CKA1) #69

I guess we see the world differently then, and that’s ok.

of your list i would agree with…

  • equal hitboxes
  • better control scheme (YES! Tournament)
  • more frames (but honestly it’s a better console, so this isn’t really one to count)

What is actually not better is…

  • symmetrical maps to me are great for arena style games, but this is a cover shooter… why would we need this? also, these maps aren’t really better as the majority of them are just reskins lol
  • the ranking system is broke AF
  • netcode is garbage
  • weapon balancing changing all the time, and having to have 2 tunings because they can’t figure their ■■■■ out doesn’t seem like a plus to me.

Again, if you see what I said as frivolous then, that’s perfectly OK. Different strokes. Overall, denying that they didn’t strip out things that the previous game had is just denial. And no, you weren’t downed instantly in Gears 3, but you were definitely penalized for not playing gears the way it was meant to be played – as a COVER BASED shooter – and not this bounce around crap people want to do today.

There’s a reason why you can still find Gears 3 games at any time of day even now.

(Yogy DMT) #70

When i say more frames i meant that the animations have more frames to them, so you don’t find yourself getting hit mid-roll by something that was aimed at where you were a second ago, because that’s where your hitbox was in the previous frame. I thought that was a pretty big improvement.

As for your other points sure something are preferences but i would say that having a ranking system is better than none at all. Also TC has explained why it functions the way it does and i tend to agree their reasoning. People will complain about netcode and ranking system in every game and you have to decide what is player frustration and what could be better. From the looks of it TC is actually trying to decipher the valid feedback from the frustration and you can’t say that for every dev, it’s still the norm for to ignore or chalks it all up to player fault. Personally i haven’t the same frustrations as every one else but that’s not to say their complaints aren’t valid, but it also doesn’t mean every missed kill is the game’s fault.

And yes Gears3 had some things that 4 doesn’t. I’m not going to say stuff like arcade and 4 player coop weren’t important to some people but personally i never played them. My post was more focused on the MP aspect of the game. Unlockables i agree with.

(iDs Killsknot) #71

I love this flawless game

(SM0KIN D4BS) #72

Idk man I played gears 1 the other day and I ■■■■■■■ miss having zero delay between roadie running and coming out with the trigger…it’s almost instant/before u stop roadie running in gears 1…gears 4 has a slight delay and that’s why strafing and sliding are more appropriate in 4 instead of the old school head on 2 piece collision

(HoesEatOreos) #73

i just like this game because it’s on pc and i couldn’t aim for crap with a controller

(Omen LP) #74

You’ll be able to use kb/m in gears 5, on the xbox too.

I love the game, for all the bithcing I do about the stupidities in their ranking system, and play it every day…

(III EnVii III) #75

I think it’s more the stupidities of the people who are bithcing rather than the ranking system itself.

Especially for those people who “play every day”.

Funny how that works eh, play everyday and still suck.

I play a couple days a week, maybe 3 - Diamond :gem:

Makes you wonder doesn’t it…

(Omen LP) #76

haha, yes, you are right, of course :smile:

Man, you REALLY love to repeat yourself, don’t you? The same “content” over and over, in multiple threads? Now it’s extending to attempts to insult me? Keep going, let’s see if your repeatindess in this matches your other favorite topics ( Core is the one true turning, and ranking system is awesome and great :slight_smile: ).

Knock yourself out… :wink:


The best sarcastic post goes to…


Not you, for once😂

(mendigo2005) #79


I honestly think that you come here purely for entertainment :rofl: