Thanks coalition for this amazing game

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The Coalition is posting again.

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LOL…I thought u were being sarcastic somehow. I don’t remember seeing something like this in here about some1 being grapefruit for this game.

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I thought it was sarcasm too, but I’m grapefruit about most games.

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I thought the title was sarcastic before I clicked onto the thread lol.

I agree with how amazing the game is in all aspects, just used to seeing threads like this turn into a sarcastichate post on why the game is so bad according to the person creating the thread. :rofl:

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I honestly thought this was a sarcastic post, considering how much flak this game gets. Personally, I do find quite a bit of enjoyment from GoW4. Horde is fun, MP is pretty crisp (sometimes), and the story was able to set up for potentially solid story lines. We’ll see what comes in the future!

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I can only agree on this thread. Gears 4 is my favorite Gears out of the Gears series.

I love the gameplay. The movement feels so smooth and the shotgun fights are so much fun. I think GoW 4 gets too much hate which it doesn’t deserve. It deserves more threads like this one.

I am really looking forward to Gears 5, storywise and multiplayer. Dont care about horde tbh.

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Gears4 is awesome. Probably the only game i have played this much. So satisfying :slight_smile: A big Thank You to thhe coalition from me as well!


The new cog characters are boring. They don’t cuss. I don’t trust characters that don’t cuss. It’s like they are trying to take it out of the game. They have no character. It’s rated m for a reason. That being said.
The story could have used an update during the entire duration during the so called season pass which in my opinion was a ripoff. The season pass was just a way to level up faster. The map re skins was a major disappointment. Same maps but at night time give me a break.
Two different types of shotguns damage um no. Just have one weapon tuning. We don’t need two. Guns now firing from the barrel, which I can adopt to. Players with high ping ruining the game for everyone. Etc etc etc…

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Ok, I have played Gears from the start, mostly Horde, first few Campaign too.

I like this Horde: it’s not perfect but perfection is a stupid and unrealistic goal.

This is also the very first game where I tried playing multiplayer versus. It was a very steep learning curve, but I really like it. Like horde, it’s not perfect, but what is?

I play the game almost every day, and love it.

So for all my outspoken comnents about the inappropriatness of their custom ranking system, I do appreciate the game and the work put into it by the developers.

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I was with you until the second sentence, then you lost me. This has no bearing on anything, at all, anywhere.

The next game’s campaign looks better and should flesh out their roles much better… i hope.


I feel like they are trying to make the game pg. the characters have no character😔


The next campaign looks like a tomb raider game


I just want to know who paid him to say all these things about the game


He’s probably works for tc. LOL


Yes, that too

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I think gears 4 is a decent entry into the series and at least stayed faithful gameplay wise unlike judgement in terms of general versus . it’s only the technical issues, gear pack system, and a few other small/big things that hold it back from flourishing that being said I think 5 will be the true entry going foward I think we all want or least hope so.


Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to…

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Basically. I think the game plays well enough and I like it for the most part. The netcode/ping garble is where it loses points for me. I mean I’m still playing after it’s release so something is working.

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Like I said in my other post…this game is amazing and I love it…but…at the same time it is sad and I hate it.

Just had a ranked Koth match on US east server. Not if that isnt bad enough but guess what, the enemy team were mexicans with also a ping over 90.

And if that isnt the worst it gets even better. I had somebody on my team who decided to leave after the first round ended.

I love and hate Gears 4 at the same time