Thanks coalition for this amazing game

(U Gunna Get Got) #1

The story was a fun ride, graphics in 4K looks like it released yesterday cause they are amazing. Gameplay is spot on with the cover system and movements. The blood when u get a kill is so satisfying. Games come and go and this game I still play consistently and I will continue for a long long time. They may have not done everything correct 100 percent since launch but I truly believe gears 4 is underated in a big way. It’s just so satisfying to play and I thank TC for that. Now just keep supporting this game even thow u have other gears games coming. Bring on some new characters this year please. I know this is just my opinion and I will get blasted for this so come on take ur best shot.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #2

Someone liking Gears 4? These are rare :stuck_out_tongue:
I agree though, Gears 4 is a great game in my opinion and it gets a lot of hate just because it’s new.
I even liked the Campigan to a degree, It’s not THAT bad

(U Gunna Get Got) #3

Agreed watch when we finally hit gears 6 and a lot is different then they are used to then they will be saying why can’t we go back to gears 4. I’m sorry to say to all the people who don’t like gears 4 but gears 4 has the best graphics(obviously) and the best gameplay in the series. Even if u don’t like gears 4 u have to admit that and if u don’t then ur in denial. Maybe not the the number one game for best maps but gameplay for sure.

(Duffman GB) #4

Agree re getting too much hate, there is plenty of fun to be had. But the campaign was very, very average. Especially when you “have” to play through it several times.
Gears 5 campaign needs to be at least 50% bigger/longer. No deebee sections of at least no exclusively deebee sections.and a lot more variety. I’m also not overly keen on the forced Horde sections, Judgement did those better I thought.

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #5

Well Maybe it’s average, Every Campaign I play enjoy, well Except Halo 5 :rofl:
The horde sections maybe was for the new players, so after they finish the Campaign they are kinda know what is happening while playing horde. Except it failed :stuck_out_tongue:
I should get back to Judgement, I didn’t play it as the other Gears games

(ChochixBeaR) #6

Yes. Specially when they fix their servers and those high ping players can’t make it past gold when they were Diamond in Gears 4.

(SchizoPsycho74) #7

I love this flawless game. :sunglasses:

(GB6 Kazuya) #8

(J4CKA1) #9

Definitely agree on the graphics since it’s the only Gears made for this current generation console. I don’t hate the game per se… The campaign was pretty boring storywise until the last 2 minutes of it. The gameplay is definitely not the best and I’m not in denial. Also, I will never say why can’t we go back to this game. Once the others come out, and [hopefully] TC learns from their missteps, there will never be any reason to look back on this game and wish to go back to it. Ever.

I’ll give you graphics though. Game looks good.

(DarkChaoz95) #10

Graphically and story wise, the game is great but gameplay wise… to me it wasnt enough innovation. Its really a more refined Gears 3.

Though i understand the reasoning as to why they been cautious first time round.

(U Gunna Get Got) #11

I respect your opinion but I think the game play in gears 4 in very smooth and gears 1-3 are fantastic games but the gameplay feels outdated compared to gears 4. The wall cover and rodeo run and just the shooting in general feel slow and laggy in gears 1-3, also the rodeo run is horrible in gears 1-3 as the camera is level to the player when running and you can’t see ahead of you. In gears 4 the camera is higher then the player making it possible to see in front of you. Also the cover system and shooting all feel fasts and fluid. So in my opinion the gameplay is much more fluid and better in gears 4. But that’s only my opinion.

(J4CKA1) #12

yeah it’s less choppy in this iteration, but i liked that you had to sacrifice something to get that extra speed to zoom across the map. at it’s core, this game is supposed to be a cover based shooter and not some thin air gliding thing that it’s become. this game seemed more tactical in the earlier versions, now it’s just move as fast as you can and take as many shots as you can as fast as possible.

of course older games are going to feel outdated, because they are. if you play them in the time that they drop and try to compare that, i think you feel a little different. no doubt that if you compare them all now that gears 4 is more polished. overall gameplay wise, i’d still choose gears 3 over all of them for various reasons.

different strokes for different folks though. i definitely can see why people would love this game. i’ve liked it but never hit that love factor for me.

(U Gunna Get Got) #13

Understood and well said. I’m just happy to please gears as it’s one of my favorite series. I will say for gears 4 being there first title besides ultimate edition they did fantastic and show they know how to make a gears game.

(J4CKA1) #14

I’m very interested to see what updates and changes they make to the next one. i’m hoping it’s amazing, i really am.

(U Gunna Get Got) #15

At least gears 4 had a fun camping and fun multilayer and horde at launch. Most games now come incomplete and broken. With no campaigns or broken multiplayer or add on later in updates or internet access to play.

(mendigo2005) #16

You’re welcome, Coalition, for taking my money on 1) the disc 2) that marvelous, contentfull season pass.

(U Gunna Get Got) #17

No one made you buy it. You know what it contained before you purchased it.


I await @mendigo2005’s snarky response :joy:

(mendigo2005) #19

Typical response.

You thank the developer, I say they’re welcomed for the money they took.



There it is!