Thank you versus players for the laugh in horde

Its funny with each new event when the versus players run over to horde for the weapon skins. Yesterday several times guys or gals run out there and think you can magically kill all enemies – which for those who play horde know that isnt true-- and they get killed almost instantly. The best was a guy killed a sniper and tbagged him only to get chainsawed. I laughed so hard I dropped my controller. I also saw several players hide across the map from the fabricator and you can see them die within seconds its just so comical. When you tbag a swarm drone then get chainsawed or downed its just so comical so a huge thank you from all of us horde players that needed a laugh.


I hate it in general, but anyone who t-bags bots/A.I. should immediate rethink their life.


I agree but the laugh I got from it wow lol. Also more then half the scouts take off their deposit bonus and I just dont understand that at all.

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I can imagine. I play Versus a lot more than Horde, but it’s barely a difficult concept. There’s always going to be Soldiers who run into groups of enemies with the chainsaw, Snipers who run around the map, etc.

It’s still amazing how people can surprise you. I’m sure @T0NY_HAYABUSA has seen a fair amount.


Some people tbag bots to be silly and make teammates laugh. It’s kinda funny that some don’t get it and go posting online about it.


I get it just sad you cant just enjoy the game and laugh at other players. God forbid we see something in game funny and decide to share with the community about it. I seriously doubt he was doing it to be silly that gamer just has no clue what to do in horde.

No comment

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Some people have good sense of humour.

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All this anger on a simple funny post so much toxic hate I just dont get it

You should make a video compliation on Versus player fails in Horde :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice idea

Spoilers: at least half of those would probably star me.

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Same thing when Horde players were playing Escalation when the skin challenges were out. Hilarious that a lot of these high level players can’t even shoot straight in Versus.


Fish out of water.

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These vs types probably laugh a lot when they quit and let a team scoutless…

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I just go to a normal VS match if I want a good laugh these days. Watch their antics there.

Why do you think they couldn’t aim straight or knew they were Horders?

First time I saw a beat down of AI I laughed pretty hard… Like wtf…lol

Then I learned it extends for scout to grab power.

But teabag ging an AI? Bwahaha

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Spectatated them whenever I died. Plus there was their scoreboard at the end where they finished with like five kills. Their emblem were high wings (3 or 4, even 5) so it’s obvious that they are primarily Horde players.

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I play a lot of horde but I also love to play multiplayer as well. I am a wings 4 but I am also a onyx 3 in king of the hill. So I don’t think this apply to all.