Thank you to Tc

I just wanted to thank the coalition for getting my Emerald phantom gnasher skin to me after I made a post complaining that I didn’t get my skin. I feel that a lot of players bash TC for making gears a RNG based game and to be honest it does have its fair share of issues,

but I just wanted to give TC a standing ovation because when people do complain, we have to realize that TC is just a small group of people serving millions. With that said, I do have some issues, why drop a gears pack that everyone has been waiting for to make them spend money on it just to make the character craft able next month? It’s a honest waste of money and I can only hope that gets fixed. And I have been having serious issues with the lancer, IT NEEDS TO BE BALANCED. It’s not fair that it seems like one active reloded clip can down three people. I know TC probably did that to somewhat diversify gameplay and I dare say to combat the gnasher , but isn’t that what the enforcer was for? I just wanted to point that out because if there was a stat for how many times you’ve been killed by a specific weapon, the lancer would be 85 percent of my deaths. And this is gears we’re talking about, so we all die, a lot. I also wanted to ask why every other pack but the Zombie Carmines and the armored Kantus made second or third appearances. I feel like TC should make them craft

-able but maybe they are exclusive. And one more thing, it’s not fair that you get kicked for a afk and get banned for hours, it’s like I had to go use the bathroom, but if I use the bathroom I can’t play gears. An hour is harsh for someone who went afk to take a poop but still got banned for X amount of time even if they rejoined the session. But other than those issues I stated, I thoroughly enjoy the game and despite those issues, the game is still very fun. Thank you TC once again for getting my Emerald phantom gnasher skin to my alternate account MIKE ROXZ and I would really like a response just to see what’s going on on the coalition’s side

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Bro i have the same problem, I claim de Esmerald gnasher skin in one of the live streams and they say that in two weeks I will have the skin in my inventory, but they don’t give me nothing, and I keep saying to them if they can solve me this problem, but I’m still without the skin, can someone help please? I actually want the skin that I claim, please the coalition, solve the problem with the skin

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A Stephen King novel forgiving TC for all the wrongs in the game, because you got a green gun.



Remember that time TC announced that they would be releasing the Lambent skins for real money and everyone went crazy with rage and complaints? Then the following day they took on board the feedback and changed it to gear packs and everyone went on about how great TC were?

While I appreciate TC listening to feedback, it was an extremely poor decision in the first place. And yeah, some of these freebies does not make up for the ongoing issues with this game.

Not that GOW4 is awful. There are certainly positives, there are undeniably problems too. Not worthy of a standing ovation anyway.


Never said that I forgive ALL their wrongs but can they at least get some credit for fixing something they messed up? I feel exactly what your saying but attacking TC and their counterparts isn’t going to get us what we want. Your entitled to feel how you feel but instead of being the angry part of the fan base I used to be, I want to try a different approach. That’s all I’m trying to do

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Start a novel because you’re on a role. What do you have to say about people like me that watched the ENTIRE San Diego event but won’t get all of the skins because of issues with THEIR site? I’m not giving them a pass on all their bull. They need a better system for skin giveaways as it is. Some of us are hardcore fans but have lives…ya know? Jobs, families, agendas…s*** to do. You got lucky but getting awarded a gun does make me a happy camper.

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