Thank you TC really 🙂

For the changes that have been made in Horde in OP7. Been waiting these “new” promotional classes for a long time ( maybe strategy for keeping the game alive) anyway thank you.

I am stealing a loved motto that is being used for guardian
mode (sorry guys)
"Long Live Horde":smirk:


I was just coming on here to do the same. Glad to see someone else eagerly showing appreciation for these promo classes.


I still championed promo classes and was content with them as they already were. Never begged for buffs, knew there was something inherently worthwhile in them, and now I think people are starting to come around to “tolerating” them more than they were before. Slugger was already there pretty much, protector had an okay reputation notably for escape, at the least. Architect had a niche growing with its hologram type build. And striker was my first main and had my most playtime across all PVE modes for the first four operations.

Even without an equitable amount of cards for allowing different builds within each class (but cmon- most players all only rely on the same five cards anyway for the majority of the classes haha)… what was offered before “worked,” but now they are even better to the point where the AH-HA moment has arrived to where their potential is fulfilled. They may still not be the most popular/fun/optimal for all players, but you hit your marks here people! Job well done!

There are a few issues notwithstanding: slugger power shot bug - but I saw in another thread that that is being sorted (along with the marksman passive similarly).
Also, I can not say I’ve tried out the new architect or protector, but I’m optimistic after playing on slugger and striker tonight.

I’m so happy with striker now. After over a year of “practice” playing the class, the small (BIG) changes you’ve made are perfect. Not to sound self-absorbed, but it’s like you watched me play (given the direction the class told us to lean towards that you all obviously designed). I didn’t have to change my play style that I adapted for the class. In fact, I think a lot of “melee/cqc” players are happy with you catering to us somewhat with the new horde… wardens nearly every wave on the back four!!!

Striker was a class requiring finesse, aggression, perseverance, patience, heart, and calculated risk. Not an overt DPS class. You had to play it that way with a lot going against it before. It got a bad reputation that was warranted in many occasions.
But NOW…
The stim amount is where it needed to be and I can’t thank you all enough. I’m feeling like Striker will shoot back up to my main class after a few operations dabbling with many of the other classes (which I still will). As a fan of the class, I can’t wait to actually put in a lot of time in horde with it to show players what it can do. Really though, it’s what it could always ALMOST do. That melee resistance is what the doctor ordered. The increases to the breaker card and -to a lesser extent- the first strike card help out a bit, too. The new perks are very well adapted for the class, as well. And I don’t need to tell you, but the new UNIQUE passive is such a clever reconfiguring of one of the old class perks. I was booking it across the map to revive teammates and it was never a question if it was feasible or not; even if they died before I made it, I’d retrieve the tags and be back to the fab before they were missed hehehe!
You really went above and beyond for the class!

I AM BIASED, but it needed and arguably deserved more appreciation from the outset, and I’m grateful to be able to play the fully realized version of these classes even after six operations.

Played one match of advanced frenzy daily just to test the new striker and was MVP on many of the waves until the more traditional DPS sources became more relied upon later in the match. Only time I died was because I was was engaged in fisticuffs with a shielded scion a bit too long- but I learned this lesson: I forgot the class does come with guns sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That used to be the regular potential punishment for engaging the enemy as striker. I think… I think I was having too much fun.


As you Said that AH HA moment has come for these classes, I recommend you to play protector first because as I read your writing you love to play melee character :slightly_smiling_face: protector becomes a real protector now, different then blademaster , and very good and also I Will try striker first (you made me do it :rofl:)

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