Thank you TC honestly for sticking to making better

I know you guys get a lot of flack and dislike and sometimes it may be deserved for some of the stuff you guys have done but man I highly appreciate you guys making this game the best it can be. A year on and we looking at the best times of gears 5 ahead. A full series x upgrade with better graphics, 120 FPS, new game plus, Bautista in campaign. Followed a week later by operations 5 with a lot of maps and characters and content. Then in December we get campaign dlc. Then we have to look forward for future operations. I want to thank you for all the hard work you are doing in this state of the world and bringing all this awesome content in the next 2 months. Also for adding dev playlist to try to better the game and make it the best it can be. Let the good times roll.


I really wish i felt the same. All my issues with this game are completely ignored, even the most minut issue isnt fixed.


Ya I hear you and I would be frustrated also.

I appreciate all they’ve done, they just need to get it together.

I appreciate their effort…i guess.

A lot of things have been worked on and that is appreciated.

BUT, until the netcode, hit detection, lag is fixed… This game will never be truly fun again.


They keep focusing in things we didn’t ask for, we just need those netcode and hit detection issues fixed :frowning:


I might feel the same if I didn’t experience game-destroying bugs once every few days, random card / coin glitches that are still happening since OP4, and a general sense that TC’s only way to make something last is through endless grinds.

A graphical upgrade, increased frame rate and “new” difficulties are redundant on a game that has very basic, yet crippling, faults.

I can feel they are finally going on the right direction but theres still a lot to be done… specially when the bigger problems are still present and thats what keeping most of the player to stay away from it.

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