Thank you TC for what you did with gears 5

This may be the last drop but want to say thanks for continuing the content and support when gears has the most toxic fans ever. All the new maps you came out with post launch have been some of the best. And village looks like another great map. Not only did you guys add in weapons from other games but also have the biggest character roster in any gears game. So many characters that were never in a gears game for multiplayer made it in. And and giving us all the new maps and characters for basically free. I know some will agree and say thank you for gears 5 but a lot of fans like to hate but what can you do. Thanks again and hopefully you still have some surprises for us in store for gears 5.


So many things they have done really well in Gears 5 but people decide to focus on the bad things.
-All the maps were free
-all skins can be earned with coins besides eSports
-Lots of PvE balancing
-The customization in this game is the best out of any Gears game.
-Escape mode is my favorite mode in Gears and they introduced that


Just curious… which ones? Cause most characters in 5 are from other gears games lol


They can make maps (some may flop) but for the most part aren’t terrible.

TC can design character’s faces, I’ll give them that.

This is more focusing on TC as a whole but TC makes excellent maps and weapons.

TC maps for me are usually a 80/20 good and bad rate. I love all of TCs weapons with the exception of the cryo cannon. But that’s to be expected.

Another thing imo is they are pretty good at making side characters. The hivebusters, Fahz and Lizzie are great new characters.

I could focus on alot of bad but I wanted to shine some light on good in this thread mainly.

The designs and art style of COG and Swarm is great too, especially the COG. I love the return to a more bulkier armor like how JD, Fahz, and Del wear. It looks modern but it still retains that old school locust war door build.


That’s because of how badly they screwed over everyone in GOW4 with the post launch content/season pass. It was the biggest rip off, and TC knew it, so they made the decision to make up for all the bs from 4 in 5.

Yea, now. Wasn’t like that for a year, and most full weapon skin sets cost upwards of $45 to unlock every skin in just ONE set!! It was a horrible system and extremely overpriced for that first year, with no options (besides the later “totems” to unlock thru progression) to unlock unless you bought tons on iron. Not so “earnable” or consumer friendly for a looong time in the grand scheme of gears 5.

That constantly went back and forth, breaking and fixing things when it didn’t need it. More likely due to the fact that leadership kept changing and they kept deciding on different tuning. Intentionally breaking things just to fix them doesn’t count as a good thing or “lots of balancing.”

Did you play since day one? Cause yea, you can “customize” your weapon skins and character skins, but what else are ya referring to? Cause any of that “customization” required A LOT of money, again, upwards of $45 just for a full weapon set. Prices were insanely high thru the roof under the Rod F regime and it took a loooong time to get to where we are now, kinda like after they got all the money they could, they reduced prices and introduced gears coins. Damage already done, it drove quite a big chunk of the community away, and I can assure you they didn’t come back once gears coins showed up.

That’s great that you enjoy it, but the fact they stopped supporting it a while ago already proves it was a dead idea that was wasting resources. It was more novel than anything and without modifiers to enhance the experience, like fun modifiers that introduced new life into campaign with infinite ammo on perfect reload and stuff like that, the mode just kind of withered and died a while ago. They even made the difficulty easier to try to get more ppl playing it more often but that didn’t work well. It’s great you like escape, but it’s a dead mode that barely has custom games at certain times of the day and it needed more support than it got.

I’m not trying to knock everything you wrote, but it sounds like all your points are based on only the positive aspects and you’ve ignored all the ups and downs that took 2 years to fix. For most ppl, they didn’t stick around like we did to see the game get better, and a lot would still say it’s far from great. I’m def enjoying gears 5 more at this part of its life cycle than i did in 2019 and most of 2020, but it def isn’t worth all the praise without acknowledging all the missteps first.


That was kinda the point of his post lmao.


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Oldie but a goodie :smirk:

Not true… Kat, Big E, Emile, T-800, etc - those were never in previous gears games :slight_smile:

BTW, OP - what you are describing are the COSMETIC aspects of the game…

The GAMEPLAY ITSELF (at least in PvP) is pure crap… Putting makeup on a pig, even if it’s done for free, still leaves you with a pig… The selection of colors notwithstanding.

PvE isn’t too bad now.


All the maps were free in 4 too. They didn’t mislead anyone with the season pass. They said all maps were free but if you wanted to play private matches the host need to own the maps.

The PvE balancing is mostly just people whining about things being nerfed or changed when in reality the changes made the game batter. As in, did Demo really need 8 rockets with 50% bleed with the GL? And the changes to Infiltrator made the class way better than how it was before.

The customization is the best out of any gears game. Even if they were Iron only until op4. The sheer amount of characters and variations of characters in Gears 5 is unmatched. Its a fact.

I completely understand your points but I tend to try to stay positive about most things because being negative all the time just seems miserable. Don’t get me wrong. Ive voiced my concerns alot about things I disagree with in this game but I dont revolve my life around pointing out the negatives. I see all the people that do nothing but complain about Gears and I just think to myself “they seem so miserable. They need some positivity in their life”

find me a game today that even charges for maps anymore. this isn’t the pro-consumer move you think it is.

yup. but only after the predatory and egregious storefront we stared with.

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Can’t please everyone, i suppose.

Especially Gears fans I guess.

The people that seem to hate Gears 5 the most are the ones who you play it everyday and complain about it. You ask an average Gears fan about Gears 5 they’ll say its a pretty good game. Its so weird.


And this is the exact definition of a toxic fan….smh

Yeah, people calling Gears 5 dead for how long now? And yet here we are with yet another brand new map…that’s now 3 in a row (among many other things like new modes and features).

TC has been doing their thing through all the toxicity. This game could have died back in Op 2 to be completely honest, and most devs would have let it be. Instead TC took the feedback and literally revamped the entire game in Op 4 & 5 practically giving us a new Gears 5, dropped an amazing campaign DLC (the first since Gears 3), introduced new modes and weapons, brought back the Locust in Horde, then the Lambent, and even a new Horde boss. On top of that a next gen update for the Series X running the game at a smooth 4K / 120fps.

People need to wake up and realize that TC has been supporting this game with great updates throughout its entire lifespan, not to mention the majority of content is completely FREE.


Finally. Someone with some sense.


the game is dead lol the fact that eu and aus have issues finding games NOW and the crossplay merge is the fact.

but a strong community is here. so content should be made for those who are still around grinding, and enjoying it for what it is.

but to OP PVE was great, free content was great, but PVP was just bad… too many MAJOR changes.


This guy knows what he is saying. Agree 100 percent on everything. This game didn’t get ditched like most games after a few months. 2 years later and we are still getting a new map and 4 characters. I might be in minority but I love gears 5.


The maps were free because nobody would pay. Player base is 10x smaller than other games out there. That’s why the game is on game pass too.

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Halo infinite will be on game pass on day 1. The player base on that will be huge. Being on game pass doesn’t make it a bad game at all. It’s a Xbox exclusive.

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