Thank you TC for releasing this game

Thank you guys so much for letting people pay 80$ for a “trash” game.

Thank you guys that i only can play on us servers with a 100-150 ping

Thank you guys that gears 5 still doesnt need skill and people who just walk can destroy you

Thank you for letting us selectin the server, we want to play on (sarcasm off)

Thank you for the early access so we all can get kicked out of every game etc.

Thank you for the killcam, which can proof that your game doesnt need skill, people dont need to hit, the servers are trash, and the killcam itself trash is.

Thank you for taking gears from Epic Games and destroy a whole franchise.

Thank you for everything guys, really, i appreciate that i payed for this game man.

You guys have so much respect from me, really. I mean i really tought there is no game, that can be worse than gears 4 but you guys are full of suprises :smiley: Gears 5 right now is really the worst game i’ve ever played im my life.
Even the techtest was not that cancer.

You tell everyone that you listen to the community but you dont. The gnasher is still broken, the killcam is broken, matchmakin is still broken, the servers are still broken, people still sponge so hard.

Is it that hard to fix all of those things over 3-4 years ???

i mean when you cant, than stop developing games man.

For what was the Techtest there ? to test the game right ? to fix every bug so the release version will run fine right ? so how can the full version be worse than the Techtest ?

I dont even care when someone say “hey look at there twitter account, they are workin on it”
Call me 1 game that is so trash like this

I know it sounds very stupid but its the first time i really want my money back lol

and btw i want to ask what cannabis you developer smoking, meanwhile you developed gears 5, maybe purple haze ? or did someone mixed it with crack loool

i know my english is not the yellow from the egg lol


“You’re welcome! Thanks for the money!”-Team Coalition, A Microsoft Company


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Yeah it’s getting bitter. Everyone is saying the same thing, it’s not random unhappiness.

Like come on, embracing some humility would go a long way at this point because they are upsetting a lot of people.

On the forums? A vocal minority that hardly represents everyone, not to mention those enjoying the game won’t bother coming to post . Forums have always been a soapbox for the unhappy. . Go look on Twitter, you’ll see you’re quite wrong,


And the game stutters, crashes and freezes on PC like Gears of War 4 (that never was solved) and now on Xbox One too. Played with Game pass ultimate on both platforms.
Is disgusting that “sandbox” levels on act 2 and 3 are very big and empty, also reducing 1 act of campaign, can’t play offline horde like Gears of War 2 and 3, and even Judgment with that Survival and Overrun modes, not being able to customize the character and weapon skins without Internet, but the most important thing, a defective “product”, charging it with an expensive price and feels like a beta or early access game.
This kind of “games as services” also sucks, leaving for tomorrow the fixes, procrastinating.

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My big problem is when the game decided to reload my gun instead of letting me fire it

Every single gears game release “x company has ruined gears and my life is ruined!!!”

Fk cry about it some more on the internet. Crybabies can’t just enjoy something or walk away.

Cool, The Coalition does respond to our topics!

Im not cryin bro, im just thankfull :smiley:

Its a really good game i just wanted to say thank you, i mean look at the people in the forum, everyone love this game, full of bugs, trash servers, trash aim assist, trash matchmakin etc :smiley:

Every forum for every franchise for every game to have ever existed forums’ are filled with screeches just like yours about how “x developer ruined this game”

When gears 2 came out “epic ruined gears” when gears 3 came out “epic ruined gears!!!” When gears 4 came out ya you guessed it “TC RUINED GEARS AND IM MAD”

Very difficult to take your tears any more seriously than the tears that were shed over the past ten years all crying the same thing.

I have an idea. Don’t play gears 5. That easy. Then you can wait another 2-3 years and cry some more that TC "finally ruined gears " when gears 6 comes out.