Thank you TC for destroying my favorite class

Okay I’ve loved “heavy” style classes since Gears 4, because I love the boomshot.

I mentioned previously I was done with Gears 5 based on the release notes, but someone wisely mentioned I should at least give OP5 a chance.

Well, I did, and why on earth did they utterly destroy the JD / Demolitions class? Was 5 of them running around really such a huge fear?

Based on the release notes I thought the ammo nerfing just impacted the Boom, theoretically the GL uses grenades so I thought the GL would still get its ammo buff:

Nope, 3 grenades! The stupid Pilot class or any class with an ammo perk buff can now shoot 2x as many GL or Booms or Dropshots as the Demolition Class, you know; the class described as “strikes down priority targets with explosives”. Those targets have suddenly gotten a lot more “priority”.

I’m not a GL / Boom spamming JD player, I thought one of each with some skill and the ammo buff was enough, but OP 5 destroyed this class.

He’s not supposed to be a grenade class? Wouldn’t giving that extra grenade tag card to the Sarah Conner class make WAY more sense??


I like that the class has grenade capacity/plants but it shouldn’t have come at the cost of launcher ammunition.

He should have both.


JD’s extra grenades card is also rare, for the other classes it’s a common card.

Also, what’s the point of the GL buff card and the Boomshot buff card to damage if JD only gets 3 rounds for each?

So now we waste 2 cards for weapons that get 3 shots? Pathetic.

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I like how they’re trying to get rid of people GLing everything to death. It’s annoying and takes extremely little skill. Instead of turning the capacity card into a grenade card I think a better choice would have been to restrict it to explosive weapons such as the boomshot, dropshot and torque bow. Would encourage the use of those more and less on GL hoarding.


I’d love that. My favorite weapon all time is the Boomshot because it takes skill but is way tougher if you know how to use it.

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I don’t know how people are saying that class is destroyed. I just finished a 50 wave on Gridlock Master and JD came in around wave 20 something and ended the match with 9.2 million. They weren’t struggling with that class at all.

I just prefer not to have that class require lockers. Especially since it is the heavy class, and with this nerf non-explosive characters can carry more?

Hey Claw,

Check out my quick Guide Posting, maybe this will help with your Demo build.

But yea, Lockers are a must now for sure. Just don’t go wasting money on a GL with Demo though, but I covered all that in the post.

Cheers man.

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I agree: the class is not destroyed. Just different.

With Confirmed Kill, I’m able to run the ult about 2 times per wave. I don’t like being tied to a locker but hey it’s a 30,000 energy setup for a level 4 locker full of booms. Not bad. Mastered River 50 yesterday and the other demolitions guy was still buying GLs but not dealing nearly as much damage with a much more expensive setup. The era of GL spamming is over.