Thank you for "stealing" my kill

It’s still stealing and if they do it for no reason imma be a little steamy, in the middle of a big fight its whatever. But some people do it just to be ■■■■■

When they turn K/D into E/D I won’t care at all, but Kills are still the thing being tracked here not Eliminations

I might be mistaken but in the stats section of the main menu your K/D is your actual kill-to-death ratio and not elim-to-death ratio correct?

I agree with the elims being too easy to earn, if it’s going to stay that way (and I think it is) then I like your idea for reducing assists to 1pt. I’d say maybe even half a point if they decide to reward players for spots that lead to kills within a certain time frame. Rough idea for sure.

The game is close to getting things right but still seems far away at the same time.