Thank you for "stealing" my kill

One change that I love, it doesn’t matter who gets the kill (in ranked at least). You don’t have to run over to finish someone off if a teammate is closer. You don’t feel guilty or get yelled at for kill stealing. You don’t have to take that extra fraction of a second to see if you’re the one that got the down before taking the kill. You don’t accidentally leave a down to get back up because you don’t want to steal someones kill.

It’s how it should be. It shouldn’t matter who kills the enemy. It’s a team game. And its more efficient.
I assume other’s feel the same way. Maybe I’m being cursed at in spanish and I don’t know it :wink:


I want all the glory. Always. It’s mine.


It sometimes matters in PvE since some characters like Paduk and Cole benefit from a kill.



While I do agree with this post and how they did this to circumvent kill steals but I still wish they showed ur kills too for personal record don’t even have to be in game if they were to have a proper war journal


I still leave kills that aren’t mine if it’s very obvious they can get the kill or the execution which can benefit them in pve and arcade. I see it as a curtousy. Although in KOTH I usually take kills because of how frenetic it is.

Also it’s really annoying when you walk up to a kill, start the execution timer, and just before it’s done some schmoe does a lame kick of ur just about to be gloriously supplexed hapless opponent :roll_eyes:


I agree, eliminations eliminated the crying about kill stealing and it’s nice!

I also don’t steal kills if it’s the last one or it won’t hurt the team to stop and let them come over or if they’re right there.


Agreed it was a god send introducing eliminations.

In arcade it’s actually a boon to the team to let people take your downs and get a skull each, proper team working.

Personally I just kill whatever is in front of me now, if I down someone and a team mate is closer I let them have it, it’s about efficiency.

Occasionally it can be irritating if your trying to complete a challenge for executions but a price worth paying IMHO.

I’ve had a couple of people swipe at me for taking a down but frankly I don’t care, I leave as many as I take and they are very much in the minority.


When you have to physically tell someone to “pick up” your down, the games gone too far I feel. The change to eliminations is something I really like, as overnight you saw the complaints about kill stealing disappear.

…and then reappear from folks who want as many points as possible to crank up their KOTH rating. You know. That game mode that’s supposed to be objective based, not kill based?

I like the change, as I’ve said. I still gotta communicate to my buds to pick up my downs (we just have that muscle memory to not take allied downs!) but we’ll work through it. Unless it’s the final kill, I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone complain about kill stealing. I don’t think we give that fact enough credit these days for how “serious issue” it was for the forumers before. Can you believe folks want a brief “only the downer can kill” period…? Or the removal of the system altogether?

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Thank the Coalition for that one. It amazes me at times, just how clueless they are about their own game. Team based game, but certain characters “Need” to get the kill.

“Hey, you stole my kill. Tosser”

As if there is not enough toxic players out there, this just generates them.

I agree. I’m perfectly fine w people taking my kills. More so in this game than previous games.

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Always thought it was silly people trip out on steal killing.

I never cared. Just annoyed me that people would leech me when I had a k/d of 2.50 in ranked tdm with over 1,000 kills & did it on purpose. Got my k/d to 1.90 while they were all in shock their k/d went up dramatically… I was like :man_shrugging:

Then again it’s only 10 points.

Wish they brought back damage In the stats like gears 1, just so I could see & compare myself to top players too.

In all I don’t agree with an elim equaling a stolen kill but I don’t care. Just silly to me.

But yeah. If it’s clearly mine they better show some courtesy & leave that kill alone. Otherwise I’m not going to play with you. & that’s what I did to those guys that kept jacking my kill just cause even after the revive. I stopped playing with them. They kept spamming me. Got butt hurt. Then blocked me.

You’d be amazed how many people get jealous over not playing with me & blocking me… that’s why I don’t like to talk on the mic… that & I sound like an anime character, I’ve been told many times…

But kill stealing is always justified in heat battles I’d say.

I’m happy with this to as it happened to me quite a bit back in the older games plus it’s a great way of setting itself up as a team styled game. Only thing I find annoying though is when people can tell your trying to go for an execution and still take the kill.


It was like this in gowj. With the no downs and then later downs counted as your kill if someone else took them. Kinda like how elems work in 5

That’s definitely the exception. However I have been known to steal a final kill of our teammate is unnecessarily tbagging after a well fought game. If they do manage to get their long execution off I tend to just walk away.

Argue all you want for sheltering people, but I think the games got a toxic enough community. We want to keep people around, so I don’t typically participate in my teammates Tbag fest.

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What pisses me off is. Someone coming in after you barely survived and sure as hell didnt get any help in the battle. And someone just comes in and takes the kill.

Especially when you literally trying to do an execution but the input takes FOR EVER


They just need to bring back assists with the kills on the leaderboard. How many eliminations did you get? Well do the math. I haven’t been a fan of the “eliminations” stat from day one. Makes sense for Arcade only. Everywhere else it needs to be Kills and Assists. Change it to be like the KotH Gears 4 board where caps and breaks took up only one column. Problem solved.

Edit: just got in from work so apologies for my thoughts and sentence structure being all over the place here lol.

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Halfway right. Imo. What really mattered to me was the score. The points for damage done on a kill. Unfortunately, in order do what you’re saying they removed actual scoring. Now 5 people can get equal points on the same kill. Not good, imo


I don’t like the Elimination system. The Kills / Assists / Deaths system in Gears 4 was perfect. It didn’t need to be changed. Even if someone stole your kill you were still rewarded with the majority of the points. At the end of the day the person with the best performance was at the top of the leaderboard and if you stole kills you were at the bottom.

The issue with Eliminations is you are too easily rewarded for them. A few bullets equals an Elimination. A kill equals an Elimination. There should be a distinction.

Same goes for the Ranking systemm Eliminations makes it way too easy. There needs to be a distinction between Kills and Assists. 2 GP for an actual Kill and 1 GP for an Assist.

Lastly, the Elimination system ruins K/D. I want to know what my actual K/D is, not Eliminations.

i agree with this but at the same time there are moment where there is a 2v2 battle going on,you get your down, your teammate steals that , he gets killed, you get killed… JUST LIKE THAT,