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Thank you for banning quitters

Quitting is so epidemic right now that one of the few reasons I can still bear ranked play is knowing that quitters are actually getting dealt with appropriately.
Question; is TC monitoring quitting internally or are you relying on users reporting quitters to Microsoft?


They’ve implemented a system that tracks how often a player quits and penalties are handed out by the system automatically. I’m pretty sure there are some instances The Coalition would review such data but the system should mostly be automatic. Unfortunately, there are still tons of quitters but hopefully they learn to stay in matches or enjoy their bans.


I think harsher penalties are the only way to stop people so it’s good to see TC trying new things.

If it was up to me:

I would allow the first quit as a one off - standard ban how it works now but after that -

*Loss of Rank - can lose 25-50% for quitting
*XP Debt - anywhere up to 100,000 for the worst quitters
*Matchmaking Bans - up to 90 days is good

Maybe even restrict you playing in a squad - because you are a quitter, you shouldn’t be able to team up as a result and need to build your completion rate back up in Social first and then do a few complete matches in Ranked before privileges being restored!

These things would cut down quitters for sure :+1:

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If they’re relying on either, they’re not doing a 100% good job.
Reason why, is because some people even myself have unfairly gotten penalty and the system behind it may have thought it was an actual quit, rather than lobby dissolving or disconnected, and actually joined back.
If you’re playing a Ranked match, 5 vs 5 and see one person leave on the opposite team.
How do you figure what happened, did they leave on purpose, AFK timer kicked them, disconnected?
Maybe another person on opposite team would leave after 7 minutes.
But either way, both of 'em may say “QUIT” and could reported through profile and Xbox Live.
And if TC is using those Xbox Live data, there you go.
Could be inaccurate.

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Every game in KOTH today so far…

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With such great MM like that who would want to stay .
For everyone whos so glad this penalty is in place ,I hope you all enjoy playing with the ping warrior champions ,because like we all know ,they NEVER quit out ,why would they,and with this new penalty its going to be all thats left.
Enjoy the slop of a game that is GOW 4

Less than an hour since joining the new forums matt and you are already back to being toxic.

If you’re quitting because of pings, then I’ll be glad you’re not playing anymore.
I think the biggest problem with the game is the garbage connections and the way TC has programmed the game to handle them. But, I will not screw over other players because of that. I’ll hang back and support rather than be a coward who quits on people.



You know it’s going to have high pings but you join just to quit? Silly people. But it’s time The Coalition stop pairing these game breakers with lower pings. Enough is enough already.


Exactly. These people knew what they were getting into when they started the match but they decided to join anyway. Good riddance.


How is anything I said toxic ,
Almost all of you were on here ,first complaining about poor connections from players afar ,now you too are satisfied with this poor excuse for MM…They ban players who quit out of matches ,but they can’t figure out how to have like connections all play together …
Or better yet, why not have a playlist for poor connection players(or good) ,or force them into social ,like they force us to play rank against them…How is that even fun or fair?

Come on ,at any given time I can jump on and if I’m to understand TC’s logic behind how MM works(ping based they say ,right),then there must not be 9 other sub 50-100 ms pingers playing when I am

I agree with you about the matchmaking but unfortunately we all know they haven’t fixed it. It’s just quitting out because of bad pings isn’t acceptable because you would be quitting out of every match so why even join?

I feel like at this point there should be a new warning we have to accept before we search. “By clicking I agree you acknowledge you will be paired with laggy players that ruin every match and in many ways could be considered cheaters due to the advantage they gain by having unstable internet. By accepting these terms you agree to play the match”.

Sad but true.

I don’t play anymore ,just popped in the new forum (which I actually kinda dig) to see if by chance something may be coming up ,only to find out they are doing this now…
O’well ,I won’t be missed ,and my 2 cents goes just as far as any of yours ,which isn’t far at all so ,like you said ,why even bother doing anything that has to do with this game anymore ,right?

Well,maybe,just maybe like all of you ,I love the damn game,always has been my number one go to.Couldn’t wait till 4 came out ,then it slowly degraded into what we have now .
The best this game ever ran was the beta ,thats, sad but true .

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Going to close this before it goes down the wrong road…
But… Will add what Octus stated about update with the penalty…