Thank you Coalition!

(Junglist Shoota) #21

Social Engineering.

(Odahviing N7) #22

Seeing the new lambent grenadier pissed me off. Why? It uses GoW 3 grenadier while the original grenadiers are still trash drones.

(KING108) #23

I can appreciate the options

(J4CKA1) #24

I, too, would fall all over myself to thank someone for putting an ice pack on my face after they were the ones that slapped it in the first place.


(Link23809) #25

This would make sense if TC initially released the Lambent packs for monetary purchase only, but they didn’t. The issue was corrected before the content was released.

So much whining and entitlement lately.

(J4CKA1) #26

No whining or entitlement here, so you are clearly replying to someone else. The fact that they would begin to put something this trivial out at the current price point without a cred option is preposterous. I haven’t ever bought skins, and I will never, but it’s the principal of it and the clear direction that it’s taking us that feeds the fire.

(GeT Em PopZ PIE) #27

Spent 30,000 creds. Not a single character card for the set, but random character cards. Beyond pissed, but I got a ■■■■ ton of scrap from dups.

(LordSkyyWalker) #28

Yes ,thanks you for your hard work.

(chaaze) #29

Wow, so many players here never touched multiplayer. I’m truly amazed.

(SoloStarling623) #30

There’s a reason I don’t buy anymore black steel packs. I don’t want to buy duplicates. So, coalition, your algorithm should detect which black steel characters we already have and only give us those we don’t have. Because, if you purposely keep giving us random cards (and we know you are) then you’re purposely trying to skin us. It’s like Las Vegas gambling. I don’t feel as if you guys look at us like folks you legit care about. We’re like cash cows. It’s like we’re a pair of tetas you see coming from a mile away, so you come running with puckered lips. I’m not going to give you anymore milk, man.


Completely agree, very cool of TC doin an about face that didn’t screw us in the end. And I was gonna spend the 13 real world bucks anyway, swear to God, first 400 CR pack I bought had him in it. I couldn’t believe it then and still don’t lol. But I wanted Armored Kantus sooo bad first time he was available and was completely broke of real world CR, try as I might I couldn’t get him. Imagine my joy when he came around this past spring and the very first pack I buy, there him is lol.

(J4CKA1) #32

Did you just say “real world CR”…

(xXMaSter AlFaXx) #33

I thank you very much Tc You gave me one of the best experiences in terms of Gears of War, in a game I followed from a very young …
But as everything has an error and you do what is possible to solve it and I thank you Tc
but my disagreement is with the pairing system and rankings, for example, I am Onix 3 and Inside a game against Diamonds 4 and 5 is frustrating because they are more experienced players and it is safer to lose the game against them.
And also the classification system
I’m Onyx 3 to 70 or 80% and so I win 4 games in a row. They do not raise me and I only lose 1 shoot down from 6 to 9% which is frustrating.
My opinion is to fix those 2 aspects, you would help me and To those who happen to them in the same way
thanks Tc :clap:


Lol, yeah. There was some deep, thoughtful reasoning behind that choice of words at the time…but I’m just as confused as you now as to why. In my defense I had partaken in a certain ritual of passing burning herbs in a circle moments before typing that lol. Nah, I’m just messin with you bro, I did it for 2 reasons. First, just bein a smartass. Second, to see if someone like you would be on their toes and notice it and be like wtf was this mf’er smokin when he thought that one up lol. There’s also a hidden third reason, because I had just partaken in the circular passing of burning herbs ritual right before that. Actually come to think about it now, technically this third reason should be reason .5, bein that it influenced my whole train of thought on the matter.

(MagotNfestdGoat) #35

id like another try at the midnight omen gnasher please

(jamaine7) #36

But they still want actually give u the characters :skull:

(jamaine7) #37