Thank you Coalition!

(RayzilIa) #1

I will be the first to say that i was extremely dissappointed with you yesterday, but you listened to your fans and released the packs for credits. That shouldn’t go unnoticed after all the negativity yesterday. Nobody can claim gearheads aren’t passionate about this game. Lol

(SHIZZO81) #2

I was going to start a thread on this… I completely agree with your post. After reading the “What’s Up” update, and watching the community chat session yesterday, I (and many others) were a little more than bummed out with the situation.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into Gears about 5 minutes ago.

Very cool of you guys, TC. You certainly didn’t have to change your original plan, but you did it for the sake of the community. It is appreciated.

(WrinklyHornet34) #3

Its available in 400 cr and 2000 cr packs. This is very surprising but a nice surprise. Thanks you very much fo this TC.

(Vanden255) #4

It really is a major improvement. Now if only the prices were what I’d consider reasonable; the skins and characters should cost less than half of what they currently do.

(RayzilIa) #5

Have to say the drop rates for me were very good too. I only had 21,000 cr and got both grenadiers and half of the imulsion skins.

(SHIZZO81) #6

I only had 19,000 credits. I bought 4, 5 card packs and 27, 3 card packs.

I got the Legendary Drone and the Grenadier Elite characters, I believe all of the Lambent skins, and half of the Imulsion skins (minus the Lancer and shotgun)

I got the characters pretty early, but kept spending my credits in hopes to get as much of the imulsion set as possible. The Lambent skins are a decent substitution for any imulsion skins that you may be missing.

They are some of the best sets out there.

(DarkChaoz95) #7

Lets just hope future packs going forward follows this format + credit option. Should satisfy most people in the long run, no matter how long Gears 4 life is.

(quicksilver7532) #8

Truly thankful for it. I feel like they had good intentions listening to the community about buying only what you want as opposed to RNG.
In my opinion, the only mistake they made was testing this out on what we came to expect to be a featured community pack where the characters are unlocked with the in-game currency we all grind for and save up, like it has been since day one. Had they done this for the “Best Of” eSports supporter packs, or just eSports packs in general, I feel it would’ve been received much better by the community even this far in the games lifecycle. I actually do hope they do implement this on the eSports packs going forth.

(LuvOfThaGame) #9

Adding the credit packs was an excellent choice after the feedback from the fans. I also feel that one of the main points is still overlooked, however. If you want to have paid only packs there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make it a reasonable price for what people want. $9-$13 for 1 character with no skins is not reasonable in the least bit. Had these been $5-$7 it probably would’ve been acceptable by most of the community… Run the Jewels for $20 that included 2 skins, 2 emblems, and all weapon skins was a tad high, but still within reason. Almost $50 for these was ridiculous. Please consider your pricing next time.

(GrubKiller101) #10

Hum. I did say this is bad cop good cop. Now good cop is here everybody is thanking them. Yey TC.

(AVTruePredator) #11

Do the 2000cr packs yield a higher chance at the rare items?

(Doctor Nillo) #12

Thank you TC. Yesterday im very sad for the news on what’s up.
Today im very happy when i see your news on twitter and forums.
This multioption packs 400 or 2000 credits +characters with real money are awesome. All ways for capture this amazing characters.
Thank you, very nice change your initial idea.

(Link23809) #13

Well done TC. This is how you win back your fanbase. I still think the pricing is too high, but as long as there is an option, nobody can complain now.

It’s a win-win.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #14

Thank you TC.:grin:

(SHIZZO81) #15

Probably. I bet they use the same algorithms as the Elite packs. However, You will get weapon skins/characters from series 1-3 as well.

(Lucasville45) #16

Thank you for listening to our feedback during the stream yesterday. You guys did what you said and even better you made it happen.thanks again guys!!

(Furyan76) #17

Yeah… TC listen fans !
It’s a good way, a good new if we (TC + fans) want the best for Gears 5 in the future…
Now, i know it’s possible !

Thanks TC, your change is very appreciated.

(Gears Kaios) #18

I think i might’ve been legit the luckiest in terms of drops! in my 400cr pack, i didn’t really get much but weapon skins after opening up 6. But in my 2000cr pack i got the lambent grenadier elite my first, the grenadier my 3rd and the drone my 5th!
i had 102k credits and spent most of them on 20 packs in all! 10 for the 400 and 10 for the 2000. I was even willing to spend 50k if i didn’t get what i wanted in time but luckily things turned out great! I even got the full lambent weapon skin set!!! thank you coalition much love!!!

(TotalMadMike) #19

This was the right thing to do!

They should keep this system as it is. So that people can still play RNG with there credits to get the characters/skins they want, or for those who don’t have enough (or just want to take the short route) so that they can buy the skins they want, without RNG.

That way, it will still motivate people to play the game, and to keep them grinding for credits.

(MrXboxlivenoob) #20

There was a big “thank you tc” thread about a year or 2 ago but I don’t know what happened to that lol