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Thank you coalition for making a sniper useless


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That’s just a random idiot’s picture I found on Google

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About 5: these days one of the big guys came down from Olympus to answer a ‘what’s left for us to play’ thread


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it’s probably Envi. he loves to throw out how he’s a bazillionaire

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I would disagree that the Sniper class is useless. After the Rise of the Horde update, the Sniper is up there with one of my most used classes in Horde. It pays highly for accuracy with Snipers. I cant remember the amount of times I, and others have bailed people out because of Sniping someone.

Called Shot, with Headshot Damage, Precision Rifle Damage and Magic Bullet melts bosses on ANY difficulty. And my Magic Bullet isn’t on L6 either. A class that helps everyone, and is so satisfying when you save the noobs time and time again. As a Sniper, I always have the last laugh.

A bit of a over exaggeration to leave the franchise over something small.

I remember the problems of Gears 2 multiplayer. The reception that Gears Judgment got. Yet, people remember the good of everything. Epic made their fair share of mistakes. If people are leaving the franchise and refusing to come back unless Epic come back, its like me saying that I’m not going to play another Halo game until Bungie makes it. It isn’t going to happen.

As long as Fortnite keeps making them millions a day for something of little effort, cosmetic skins and dances, they wont come back to Gears. Especially as a MS owned game franchise with their own dedicated studio.

So goodbye, hope to see you around on other games!

(Stoic Slab) #72

To be fair, neither Cliffy or EPIC are in the game making business anymore.

One retired after beefing it on two commercial failures; the other is following Valve’s example by opening their own store and having others make games for them.

(AliceInChainsaw) #73

I don’t play as much horde as I used to… But I don’t run into any major issues sniping. Sometimes a shot doesn’t register or doesn’t kill something like I expect it to… I just reload and hit it again. That usually works. I don’t recall issues on DB or swarm much at all. Whereas on harder levels the big guys and bosses certainly take multiple headshots.

I dont like embar though. Longshot and Markza for me.

My cards are generally:
Precision rifle maxed
Explosive head maxed
Called shot maxed
Magic bullet maxed
Sniper strike one level below max

I found headshot damage card is not as good as precision rifle when it comes to sniper strikes.

(H9216M151) #74

Far from it. Yes it’s true that some shots should decapitate an enemy instantly but instead they failed even when they increased your magic bullet to the third stage, but calling the Sniper class useless it’s just NOT OK. The only1 that can top a sniper anymore is the heavy which it has 2be a dedicated heavy to perform so well(since sentry bullies do not count here). I only play inconceivable and my set up for the Sniper is:

  1. Headshot Damage
    2.Explosive Headshot
    3.Called Shot
    4.Magic Bullet
    5.Steady Hand

My main weapon is the Embar and a DropShot as secondary. I rarely have a small enemy that fail my Embar headshots on the first shot with the it.
Now this is the most important part: when u said “useless sniper” are you referring to the class or to the Longshot!!!? Because if you are talking about the Longshot then you might be right, or I am just really bad with it. I like to think it’s the latter. I pulled so many headshots with it but they still failed for some reason.

EDIT; by the way I only play horde anymore and sooooo many times my skill cards failed to do their job.

(UltraMagnetic96) #75

I think the longshot is still a powerful weapon to use in some situations. Yes, some enemies like the scion for example will not die in one shot all the time, but it’s still a good weapon. Especially on maps where enemies are too far away. The only thing I dislike about the longshot is its long reload time when you jam the gun.

Edit: @H9216M151

(GrubKiller101) #76

Oh LOL. I have been trying Sniper recently and have never seen, nor was aware of, Exploding Headshot on Swarmak till I did one myself last week. Thought I’d post and surprise you all. Oh well!

(GrubKiller101) #77

OK as said I am starting to try this Class so it’s new to me but I really like the Longshot. Find the Markza yucky. Find the Embar…there must be a phrase…aim assisted (?) a lot. Kinda get the shot right and the Embar will hit the target. IMO.

So I’ll be Longshot most the time untill I get an Embar then it will be used close range and Longshot long range.

(mizzelphug) #78

Long shot is aim assisted too. Hard aim (but don’t zoom in) when you point it in the general direction of an enemy and you’ll get a head shot most of the time.

The Embar’s lack of sights are overcompensated but it’s fun to use. The Markza is fine until the higher waves.

(firey5) #79

It’s ok, I’ve more or less found the issue. Thanks everyone for the replies, maybe ‘useless’ was the wrong word but still. Boils down mainly to the magic bullet card. Lower difficulties no problem, get a headshot, the enemy dies. But in higher difficulties the real skill is consistency. If you want to kill something with a headshot every time, you have to be good at landing the headshots back to back for a maximum magic bullet stack. Seems the higher difficulties are more punishing if you ‘break’ your headshot streak, which I suppose makes sense.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #80

That’s pretty much what a sniper needs to be on the higher difficulties; someone who is consistently landing their headshots dead center.
I went a long time without magic bullet but found it helped the team on bosses, pouncers, and flying things so I started using it. It’s by no means necessary though. Just make sure you’re landing consistent headshots, quickly, and sniper is probably the most powerful class in Horde.


Why did we bring this thread back up?

(firey5) #82

Because it was easier to just sum it up and respond to everyone that’s been replying rather than trying to answer each and every one or not at all. Figured it was fair to release my findings. You do realize no one is actually REQUIRED to open this forum or respond, right? If you don’t like it, DON’T OPEN IT.