Thank you coalition for making a sniper useless

Edit- Before anyone else responds let me more clear: My cards are Called shot, Precision rifle damage, headshot damage, explosive headshot, and magic bullet. Yes they are all max. No it doesn’t happen all the time, some headahots kill the drones, others don’t. YES I’M HITTING THE ACTUAL HEADSHOTS AS MY MAGIC BULLET INCREASES, CONFIRMING SUCH. My complaint was on the drones and DBs, as Scions and pouncers seem to die easily every single time. Yes I have video evidence as well of both sides, the great shots that count, and the b.s. ones that should have but didn’t, friend me on xbox if you want to see them, I don’t know how to post them here. My main complaint is that AT MY LEVEL, IF I HIT AN ENEMY IN THE HEAD AND THE MAGIC BULLET CONFIRMS THAT IT WAS IN FACT A CRITICAL HIT, THAT ENEMY SHOULD BE DEAD FROM A HEADSHOT, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
So you mean to tell me that with maxed out headshot damage, called shot, and precision rifle damage that on insane or higher that hitting a DB or a drone in the nose still can’t kill it by headshot? What good is an explosive headshot if I can’t kill something with a headshot? But a noob heavy with one green card can blindly fire a salvo and out kill me when I’ve grinded to build 2 purple and 2 blue cards? Fine. Keep your game, and keep gears 5. I didn’t build up my sniper just so I can kill enemies on hardcore and lower. I have all the gears games, but for me the franchise stops here. When Epic returns, so will I.

Does sound a bit poor. Is there no other class you enjoy ?
As for Epic returning, you may have played your last Gears then…Epic are pretty happy spending their Fortnite millions/billions.

On the plus side Horde 3.0 is very moribund :wink:

You might not be lining your shots up right. Got for the center of the head. Sniper is really OP. If you can land shots quickly you’ll keep large enemies before the heavy fire gets to them.

If you mean the quality of audience, then yeah, that’s true.

… Ok then.

LOL brilliant. :joy:

The sniper class is not useless at all! In fact, it’s a lot stronger than you think.


Sniper is my favourite class.


Same here.

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Nice Explosive Headshot on that Swarmak

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Sniper is my main class, And 80% of the times I get MVP… It’s so powerful

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Hmmm I have to say I never run into a problem one shotting with the Sniper. I play percision rifle damage, headshot damage, explosive headshot, called shot and the last one is optional between radar ping, team revive, ammo card and strike. With that build I am leveling the map with headshots and raking in the kills no problem. All my cards are comepletely maxed out so I have to ask are all you cards level 6? or are they lower because I honestly can’t see you not getting a headshot on a DB at least.

Yes, every card for every class is max. I’m wings 6, I have nothing left to upgrade. Magic bullet is even confirming that I’m hitting them where I need to, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t kill them. Keep in mind in talking insane and higher. Sometimes they’ll die, sometimes they won’t, but it shouldn’t be a ‘chance deal’.

If we were friends on xbox you’d see all my vids already. The sniper imo is easily the most OP class, I just think that if all cards are max then a headshot on a drone should mean it dies by a headshot along with everything around it (I never run without explosive headshot). Not this whole 'Well your magic bullet went up a stack but you still didn’t kill it ’ b.s.

I myself don’t use magic bullet, on account that I don’t have it maxed. But I do use steady hand, and that helps me, on account that I don’t have the best aim to start with, so I really like having that shake decreased. It helps me with accuracy

I only play on inconceivable and still have never had this problem unless I am litterally missing a good few shots. Is this something that happened recently or has it always happened? I haven’t played the sniper in about a month so if TC did a sneaky nerf or something I wouldn’t know lol. Maybe its a connection problem since you say you are hitting your targets maybe its a slight delay where the enemy is in your sight but you 2 seconds behind everything else. Other than that I got nothing and will take the sniper out for a spin and see if I run into this type of problem.

With maxed cards you should be able to drop anything even on inconceivable. As for epic, it’s never coming back, they got bought out and all the original staff doesn’t even work there anymore. Cliff will never make a game again.

I find this hard to believe, but then I much prefer to run with an Embar… I don’t have any problems popping heads on higher diff levels.

Re heavy: the heavy is awesome if you are good with the Dropshot, try using the Boomshot on higher levels of play, it’s like throwing snowballs, regardless what cards you have…

I have seen amazing snipers absolutely kick butt on incon, where I (as a drop heavy) had a hard time keeping up with them on non-juvie waves, so I don’t think that your description of the situation is accurate.

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The Markza eventually becomes useless on higher waves so swap it out for an embar after awhile.

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Try marking the target first before going for the headshot. It’s a guaranteed kill almost every time until they start having twice the amount of health on them up in the 40s. If you take a closer look at one of my clips, you’ll notice that I mark my target first before I go in for the kill.