Thank god for borderlands and modern warfare

I hate to say it as hardcore of a fan as I am I will not support this game. Not only did they spit in my face by removing the classic gametype of execution from ranked play. But I also paid extra money and took off time from work for absolutely nothing. What a waste of my time. For anyone thinking I’m being spoiled or impatient sorry for wanting what I paid for. Sorry for being upset that I missed out on making money to enjoy some gears vacation and got nothing. I will be on modern warfare even when they fix this games servers bc I’m afraid it will be a while and even then the game seems very off balance. Gears you’ve lost a loyal fan since 06 I’m just tired of them letting me down. Gears 4 now this. Smh. At least gears 4 actually had execution. You know the mode that helped make gears what it is today? Peace out coalition

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How many threads have you created at this point to complain? I count at least three.

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Well I do believe Borderlands 3 will bury Gears 5 for sure.


You’d be correct

You’re an adult who chose to call off work fir a video game and it’s someone else’s fault you lost money?

Stop posting these threads

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