Textures problem

I have a GTX 960 2gb, an I7 2.80ghz and 16gb ram and no matter what changes i make, my textures is always the lowest possible.
Can someone help me solve this?

Do you have a minimum framerate set? The game will optimize based on your minimum framerate which may be causing this.


Having this same issue. I actually had this same issue with Gears 5. Also using a GTX960. It was never resolved for me with 5, so I just played it on my XBOX.

Tried changing the minimum framerate to none, and it didn’t help.

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This is off the top of my head but I think it is related to only having 2gb on those cards. I dont think it can stream the higher resolution textures with that limited bandwidth so it is defaulting to lower resolution. I think the only fix is to get a card with more memory like a 1050ti, 1060 or one of those 1650 series if you are looking for budget card. Could also look at the RX series if you are willing to deal with those drivers and software suite.

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Using the Benchmark, it isn’t even coming close to maxing out the 2gb of VRAM, I don’t think this is the issue, or at least I hope not! I’ve been running other games beautifully, but I understand not every game is optimized the same way.

If you are using the in game benchmark those are seldom accurate when trying to track down a problem like this. If you are using a 3rd party benchmarking application then you may be correct but a quick google search will land you at limited vram being the issue streaming higher resolution textures like in this case. Hopefully you find a work around but I would be on the look out for an upgrade to that card as 2gb of vram has become the minimum for a lot of games now.

glad to see im not the only one with this problem. PLEASE FIX

I had the problem but it was very minor, by that I mean some textures didn’t load.
Only thing I turned off was V-Sync and then maximised my frames for each slider, worked fine afterwards.

However I am using a GTX1060, i5, 16GB ram. Over the recommended.

Perhaps update drivers aswell? if not done otherwise.
Just my guess.

Having the same issue. Also using a 960. I have tried everything.

I can run Gears 5 on mostly high settings and don’t have the texture issue but here I can’t get any textures to load. The game recommends medium and I can’t even get the Low setting to load textures. Might have to wait for a new driver or patch. Don’t think this has to do with limited VRAM as it won’t even load the low setting

I havent experienced this issue so far. But im using a RTX 2070

For the record I watched a yt vid yesterday with this problem on very specific cutscenes. No idea what the specs are from that user tho

May have found a Solution!!

Turn mesh quality to balanced instead of Best and restart the game.

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Textures are a vram thing and with only 2gb, you may run into an issue, depending how the game is optimized.

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As I read more about it I became fairly certain that this is their problem.
I had issues like this 3 years ago on my gtx770sc and it was directly related to the limited vram on the card (2gb just like these) which is why I started with “Off the top of my head”.
At the end of the day those 9 series cards are 6 yrs old and will need to be replaced sooner than later.

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My good old GTX 960 has been through alot over the years and still kicking. I can play Control, MW, Gears 5, RE3 remake etc… No problem with it. Yes it’s getting old and I probably should upgrade but I am just really impressed how well that card still handles modern games.

I mean cool but I am at a loss as to what you mean by this. If you are just saying it is a good soldier that put in it’s time cool but if you are saying because those games happen to still be ok with that card so everything else should, that is where we disagree.

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The Technical Director for Gears UE and 4, Cam McRae, said this (note this was in relation to Gears 4 but I imagine it applies to 5 too) in a now deleted blog post:

Setting texture details too high will result in larger textures being loaded into memory. Due to the extra memory used, this can result in running out of space quickly on GPU’s with lower amounts of VRAM ( 3GB or less ), which will ultimately result in some objects not getting higher quality textures loaded . If you see this behavior, simply lower some of the texture detail settings.

He went on to say that “World Texture Detail” is particularly VRAM hungry. Dunno if any of this helps or is the answer you wanted to hear but it definitely sounds like your issue is low VRAM.

Pretty sure the stated minimum VRAM spec for Gears 5 is 2GB. Meaning you shouldn’t be expecting anything other than Low-Medium textures.

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I’ve got an RX 590 - 8 GB VRAM.
Same problem and the VRAM used is only 3-5 GB, rarely 7 (after several hours of gameplay).

Please fix this bug.

Thank you a lot!!!
Solved the problem for me too.
Now it runs just fine on my geforce 960 and settings on high.