Texture Streaming Bug on PC

Hey guys, the last few months I’ve been dealing with this texture streaming bug, the textures flicker between low/high quality rapidly and sometimes it looks like the lighting is breaking entirely. I haven’t been able to find many people who have had this problem so I’m posting here hoping someone can finally help me.

Here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glPsiSra0AU

(The video jutters in some places because I can’t figure out how to make OBS play nice with Gears)

My specs are:
AMD FX-8300
Nvidia GTX 760 2GB

Though your probably tried this, have you tested with lower settings to see if they are more stable? I’ve a feeling you may be pushing the limits of that 760.
The developers did a really good write up a couple years ago about which settings are recommended for which cards. I’ll look it up if you want to see it and can’t find it.

There’s some brainy pc users here that may be able to help.

Yeah I’ve been messing with the settings mid-game to see if anything works better, the problem is that the game runs absolutely fine (1080p/60fps) even when the textures do load properly.

I’ve tried going to lower settings, toggling tiled resources, but nothing seems to work.

No other game I play does this, even other Unreal Engine 4 games, so I’m not sure any combination of changing my settings/setup is going to solve this

Not entirely related, but I also play on the One X and there are problems with textures loading. Sometimes the match will start and the textures still haven’t finished loading.

I’m posting this reply so that if no one responds, you’ll be able to bump this thread again later.

Nice Stig avi, BTW.

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