Text to speech needs to go

If enabled text is read aloud to other players…I mean seriously, what in the hell was TC thinking with this? Completely throws me for a loop when I’m in the thick of it and I hear a voice that sounds like microsoft mike making stupid quips like “Take that” not to mention it overrides your own options if you have text chat completely turned off which is a serious problem. And I don’t know if the duplicate characters is affected by that since it says chat text but it’s even more annoying. That happens in every single lobby and it’s not making anyone change their characters it just serves to be even worse than mic spam. This was a moronic idea.

Text to speech can be disabled but still read out the duplicates character warning. It previously would still read out the name of a custom lobby while you were typing it.

I am hoping TC addresses this because it is incredibly annoying.


That’s the thing though I’ve never had it enabled and I could still hear chat text to speech even though my chat isn’t even on.

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That is what I was saying.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were meaning the player side of things could still be turned off.

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All good, I get why it could have been confusing.

Previously? Was this fixed?

It exist for people with sight difficulty. It helps to communicate with those having global chat off. So I wouldn’t say it needs to go completely. Just more options or not to read out some stuff.

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The problem is that it is set to off and still read out things, and if one person has it on, it reads out the text for everyone.

That is the issue(s), not that it exists.

I’ve been using it recently and haven’t had anyone complain about it. Would it even work to mute player?

Unsure if its doing that all the time or not.

I know for sure though that everyone can have it off and certain things are still being read out loud.

Is that what’s going on? I find it hard to believe every lobby I join there is someone with it on. It only triggers when there are duplicate characters as far as I’ve experienced and it’s every time.


That issue still occurs when it is set to off for everyone.

Okay, that’s what I was saying. I read your post and it sounded like you were saying someone would have it on.

That is the issue the OP is describing.

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The understatement of how annoying that duplicate character voice is in lobbies :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

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I’m curious how annoying that is but I normally have game volume at 0.

As someone who keeps most volume settings at zero and sometimes plays without sound, I have to say the voice is very jarring.

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It also is VERY annoying the stupid narrator keeps reading out the freaking lobby description since at some point in Op 2 every single time that I try to change the stupid thing. Like, I don’t need any help reading the text I’m obviously trying to edit and can see. What’s the point? It keeps restarting to “read” it for every single change of a letter or symbol made.

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How do you change this voice? Mine is in german or something, would prefer it in english.