Text chat on PC only partially works

One of my friends is playing Gears 5 on PC. However, there is an issue regarding the in-game text chat.

If any player on our team or the opponent’s team types something on the text chat, the message doesn’t display on his screen at all. Only the messages I type could be read by him.
So often times, I find myself reading the message on my screen and then conveying it out aloud to him via a mic.

I asked him to go to settings and turn ‘Text Chat’ to ON and set text chat duration to 20 seconds. Turns out, these settings were already enabled by default. In spite of this, this issue still persists.

I just wanted to create this thread to see if similar PC players are also facing the same issue. And also if possible, recommend a fix.

If this hasn’t been resolved here, then I’ll ask my friend to file a support ticket.

I’ve never had this issue. Could it be that he can only receive messages from friends or party members? Don’t know if there’s even such a setting.

Looks like you’re a glass-half-empty kind of person. Be grateful if sorta works.

We are in the same squad. He can only read in-game text messages sent by me.