Text chat is off by default

According to the news section, they turned off text chat by default, and you have to turn it on in the options under GAME. Just mentioning this before people post about it not knowing about the change.


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Does this mean if someone with chat enabled posts an in game msg, only those who also have chat enabled will see the msg?


Thats crazy and is probably a major factor inhibiting improvement in newer players who are most likely oblivious to disabled chat by default or how to enable it. Yes theres some scope for toxicity but thats gaming in general. I learnt a lot from chat in 4 and passed on what i learnt if asked. This ‘change’ explains much of the bizarre gameplay by level 20 players in random games. In 4 it was much more sociable, helpful and additions to friend lists resulted. The gears game pass generation and the inexperienced cant benefit from simple tips because the game is mute. No wonder kicking in custom lobbies is so high and rarely preceded by cautionary advice etc. Hopefully this will be reversed in 6 because the quality of random lobbies is at an all time low right now and continues to deteriorate.

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Yeah we all kinda joked about how stupid this was back when it happened lol. Sucks but TC wants people to be safe.

I think it is highly unlikely to be reinstated for 6. Too many hurt feelings, this was also the reason you got rewarded with a “elimination” even if you did just 1% damage to an enemy player…speaking of which I see that Battlefield doesn’t have a scoreboard at the end of a match. This continuation of being afraid to upset anyone is getting beyond a joke.


they will put the scoreboard back, they announced it

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Yeah. In my experience even in pve, the global chat is full of hate anyway. I rarely see anyone on there who I feel is genuinely trying to be helpful. It’s just rants and rage. I see why they did what they did. I don’t agree with it but it makes sense.