Text box not appearing

Does anyone else have that problem where the text box doesn’t show any texts although other people are texting each other? I noticed people use it a lot, and i was completely clueless because it doesn’t show anything. Is anyone else having this problem or know a solution?

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Are you talking about ingame chat?

If it has a bunch of stars it is because it contains a potentially offensive word and your filter is set to on.

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It usually responds better for me when I click in the right stick from the pause menu and then use my keyboard.


No, he’s talking about an issue with the text chat where it randomly decides to stop appearing even if you send text chat messages yourself or someone else does. I’ve encountered this issue with @Ektope several times in both Gears 4 and 5 where we would play together but not see the other’s text chat messages appear for no reason and reliable way to get it working again. And yes, we verified that we were sending messages via text chat when that was happening.


Yeah it’s broken for me too and has been for mo ths now just like the rest of the game

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Same here, anything I type in global chat won’t appear on my wife’s screen if we are in a party and playing together, if we Break the party and go into game chat. She’ll be able to see about 3 of 5 post. I played with it for few minutes, just to try and figure it out. Just seems random. Makes me wonder out of 10 players in a lobby how many actually get to see every text.

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Oh so it’s not just mine. It’s frustrating because in PvE players tell me to do something and it doesn’t appear, so they think I’m ignoring or being rude. Also in Pvp, i need to see when a stack of 5 are trash talking after beating me and 4 other solos😂