Testing out Ranked with ping Cap? & Input Lag!😭

Input lag in Ranked,is bad when it goes from 200 and up in ping,it makes it unfair for players.
Ranked is where everything is timing. In battles.

Changing weapons uses 2 long time

#setting nades,and throwing nades uses long time.

#Movement is slow or unresponsive,shots dont register. (or a lot of 100% in 3 shots and 4 shots,and they dont down,they just stroll a long like nothing happened,and 1 shots me)

#Or best of all,is when it doesnt acknowledge your pushin the button at all.

I have 20 ping,and every god damn time, im in a high ping pong lobbies,
i get fd with this problem,because my skill means nothing when there is no ping cap in ranked.
Soo many chances and situations where i woud normaly win,
I will loose HARD because of this,when you allowing high pingers in ranked. There has 2 be a limit.
Or is the sky the limit ping wise,in ranked?

I give coalition cred for fixing issues,

but im giving feedback when it doesnt work as well.

Peace Out​:v::v:


I gotta agree with this …there have definitely been times where I’m like I know I hit the trigger or I no my guy shouldve bounced but ddn’t… sometimes it just doesn’t read ur inputs

My biggest pet peeve is rolling when I should have slid.


Mine is when I pull the trigger and nothing happens. Then I release, pull again, and NOW the weapon fires… Lancer, mulcher, boom, drop, gnasher, etc: happens to all of them.

Makes me rage like crazy…

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I would start with getting out of the ping pong lobbies

I have tethered from my phone before to play (I know…SIN). My ping usually was around 80-110 depending on the match. I find that at 110 I did terrible fairly consistently.

However for some reason I got a 160 ping match and I noticed in 1v1s that the opponent was slow in reacting to my movements and it was suddenly as if I was playing complete noobs. I suspect it was my ping. This was only one match so not a scientific experiment and it could be coincidence that there were a couple bad players in the match. But needless to say I had the most kills. And it got me thinking…is this what it’s like having 160 ping all the time?

Normally I play 30-60 ping

My whole play style is based on movement and timing and I’ve found that ranked is just no fun to play lately. Too many connections from all over the world and the delays between what’s happening on my screen and theirs are too great for tight gameplay.

No use faking a slide-to-cover and then going for the counter shot if the opponent’s view is so delayed that he’s not seeing the juke in the first place. Same happens in wallbouncing. I can literally get behind someone and the server will put me back in front of him and kill me. The game just can’t keep up with fast play anymore and I’m bored with lancering people down.

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I’ve just changed controls to separate sliding and rolling purely because of this, but man is it a headf*ck after playing with normal controls since g1 :s I’ve got an elite pad an that really helps but it still very counter intuitive. But yea, once mastered it’s gona be a game changer :slight_smile:

I dont like 2 quit in Ranked,when im in the ping pong lobbies. I leave the lobbies in social that struggles ping wise :slight_smile: