Test tuning to be implementedd?

By far the best test tuning yall have put in the game. When would it be implemented? Cause scrims are much funner on the test tuning than playing competitive?

I wouldn’t count on it… If it’s better, it won’t be implemented…TC rules.

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it most likely won’t be added cause this is pretty much the last days of op 8 then just auto pilot mode mention in other threads

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Sad but so true

Gears 5 PvP is doomed. It has been for a while now. TC don’t plan to fix it and are leaving it to rot.

It’s the sad truth but the sooner you accept it then the more comfortable you’ll be…kind of.

Try getting into PvE more. Your respect for the game will remain stable, trust me. Coming from an ardent and broken-hearted PvP player.

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I know it’s always the popular thing to be negative in this community but I have no doubt the test tuning will be implemented. It’s a question of when. Every week for the last month there have been tweaks made to it based on feedback. They likely are simply getting it to a state where they can put it in an event for the community to try. I’ve keeping up with it and testing it myself the whole time it was available in privates. This feels like the last change

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when the 19th ends that the end of op 8 no more pve updates no more pvp updates

That’s what you think. They literally have skins that have already leaked that are ready to go. A lot of people just make things up and go with whatever is the most negative. Many had no idea that a new tuning was being worked on and made threads about how “TC isn’t listening” and listed some of the same changes that have already been implemented in the test tuning. Try and find out before jumping on the doom and gloom bandwagon

It feels like they will implement it tbh. They have to be aware that the game needs some life, and a new tuning would do that.


Having a free multiplayer only version on steam would probably get a ton of PC players.
Not sure how their sales are on steam, but if they’re not that significant, they might as well.

GoW MP probably has to go free-to-play at some point. Everyone seemed to hate lootboxes in gow4 but that system allows you to have a F2P model which brings in the one thing gow needs more of—players. I’d take a super exploitative system if it meant we got better support and more players.

You’re looking into the what so much. But have you ever considered why people are saying the things that they are? It really doesn’t give a very positive idea about the faith in TC that they have.

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expect one or two more Title Updates as they close out the game. we’ll probably see a patch on Tuesday as the game finishes out OP8.

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TC said there gonna be releasing those skins even after op 8 thus why i didn’t include the store in my said post and there are others who believe this not just me

Facts i mean ive been having more fun playing scrims woth randys and friends than laying comp