Test data for some in-game buildings


Damaged buildings repair cost: 20% of the purchase price + 25% of the stamina for every 0.08 stamina repaired

Example: To repair a broken level 4 decoy, price = 12000x0.2 + 12000x0.75x0.08 =3120

The more serious the damage to the building, the more energy the upgrade consumes, try to repair the full building after the upgrade; Ammo dissatisfaction does not affect upgrade price.



Assembly machine

To build towers and buy weapons

Maximum blood capacity is 15,000

The repair cost 4000 energy

Assembly machine to prevent 25~35 meters (specific map size, for example: river 35, overload 25) within the refresh point refresh the enemy, using this feature to defend a safe area, forcing the enemy to attack from other refresh points, as far as possible to avoid the situation of the enemy.

Example: show the map of the field, put here can suppress the right half of the map refresh, forcing the enemy to attack the high ground from the left

Energy shunt

If the energy tower is not destroyed after each wave of enemies is cleared, the player can press E to collect energy from the energy shunt and give it to all 5 players. Each energy collection will also upgrade the energy tower, which can collect more energy, increase the tower durability limit, and increase the life limit of each party member.

Long battle: 300 energy at level 1, 600 energy at level 2, 900 energy at level 3, 1500 energy at level 4.

Long War Fever: 1500 energy at level 1, 1800 energy at level 2, 2100 energy at level 3, 2400 energy at level 4.

Level 1 increases all player health by 10%, Level 2 by 15%, Level 3 by 20%, and level 4 by 25%
1 level 4 power splitter, player health increased from 1000 to 1250

4 level 4 power splitters, player health increased from 1000 to 2000

Class 1 durability 9000, Class 2 durability 9000, Class 3 durability 9000, Class 4 durability 9000,


Cost 2000 energy to build, the upgrade increases the durability and damage of the barrier.

Levels 1 and 2 slow enemies down, dealing lasting damage to approaching enemies, but also reducing their durability.

Level 3 to level 4 full interception, inflicting damage over time on approaching enemies, but also reducing their durability. Enemies will now attack melee attacks when intercepted, instead of destroying barriers with ranged attacks.

Level 1, 3, and 4 barriers are quickly destroyed by poison water. However, level 2 barrier ignores the entry of poison water pawn, the red poison on the ground cannot cause damage to the erected barrier

Level 4 ignites enemies, dealing an additional 500 burn damage. sustained burn damage does not benefit from the fortifications damage bonus.Melee burning cards also do no bonus to this damage (as do burning grenades).

Level 1 endurance 3000, Level 2 endurance 5000, Level 3 endurance 9000, Level 4 endurance 15000,

Damage per second: 50 at Rank 1, 75 at Rank 2, 750 at Rank 3, 1050 damage + (50X10 fire damage per second) at Rank 4

Rank 1 deals 20 damage damage per attack, rank 2 40, Rank 3 360, and Rank 4 900

A level 2 upgrade costs $200, a level 3 upgrade costs $3000, a level 4 upgrade costs $4000.

The bait

Cost 3000 energy to build, attracting enemies to attack decoys before buildings

Level 1 to level 4 decoys are equally attractive to the player.

Level 1 and level 3 lures ignore poisonous water minions and do no damage on poisonous ground. Level 2 and level 4 lures explode quickly due to highly toxic ground.

Level 4 decoys when buffed and durable will self-destruct and attack nearby enemies.(This is just introductory text, but the explosion is a pure animation effect that does no damage at all)

Class 1 endurance: 3000, Class 2 endurance: 5000, Class 3 endurance: 8000, Class 4 endurance: 12000,

A level 2 upgrade costs 3000 energy, a level 3 upgrade costs 3000 energy, and a level 4 upgrade costs 3000 energy.

Machine gun turret
(Sorry I couldn’t test the turret’s ammo limit, it was too hard to calculate)

Cost 5000 energy to build, cannot attack enemies too close.

Each upgrade increases durability, ammo load, damage, and range of attack

Class 1 endurance 3000, Class 2 endurance 3000, Class 3 endurance 4500, Class 4 endurance 4500,

Damage per round: 75 for Level 1, 100 for Level 2, 150 for Level 3, 200 for level 4

A level 2 upgrade costs 5000 energy, a level 3 upgrade costs 7001 energy, a level 4 upgrade costs 8001 energy.

The thunder sentry
(Sorry I couldn’t test the turret’s ammo limit, it was too hard to calculate)

Cost 4000 energy, Charge and fire the cannon in two seconds,,attack interval of 3 seconds, stun medium and small enemies(3s), can not attack too close to the enemy, will not attack the enemy down.

Thunder sentry attacks deal small AOE damage,Because of its long range, it can hit most air targets, but the damage is too low

Each upgrade increases durability, ammo load, damage, and range of attack

Level 1 endurance 2000, Level 2 endurance 3000, Level 3 endurance 4500, Level 4 endurance 4500,

Damage per shot: 500 for rank 1, 1000 for Rank 2, 1000 for rank 3, 1000 for Rank 4.

A level 2 upgrade costs 4000 energy, a Level 3 upgrade costs 6000 energy, and a Level 4 upgrade costs 7000 energy.

Weapons ark

The weapon, which takes 5,000 energy to make, sits in a slot and slowly fills with ammo.

Levels 2, 3, and 4 each have an extra slot for weapons and speed up the filling of ammo.

For example, there are 3 rounds of ammunition in the grenade launcher, and it takes 40 seconds to fill one round in the level 4 weapon cabinet. If the weapon is removed in 39 seconds, there will be no round of ammunition if it fails to fill, and it will take another 40 seconds to put the weapon into the weapon cabinet.

[Fixed] The GL cavalry rifle shows the ammo count on the armory, not the grenade count. If the armory is full, it is probably not filled with grenades. Also, the GL cavalry rifle can’t be filled with 3 grenades in the weapon cabinet, only 2 rounds

Armory replenishment speed is fixed, level 4 is 2.5 times faster than level 1, cards can be accelerated again, multiplication calculation.

Level 1 restores 0.33% of the weapon’s maximum payload per second

Level 4 regenerates 0.83% of the weapon’s maximum payload per second

The tier 1 locker takes 300 seconds to fill and the Tier 4 locker only takes 120 seconds

Grade 1 durability 2500m2, Grade 2 durability 4000m2, Grade 3 durability 6000m2, Grade 4 durability 10000 m2,

A level 2 upgrade costs 5000 energy, a level 3 upgrade costs 5000 energy, a level 4 upgrade costs 5000 energy.

Ironworks (weapons smelting)

Cost 10000 energy to build, give everyone in the team extra energy by disintegrating weapons, cost 67 weapons with less than 4000 energy to smelt, full energy smelt jack requires 27 weapons with less than 4000 energy.

Jack with power Melt has a 2.5x recovery bonus.

Upgrade the iron factory to gain more power when smelting weapons. There are three tiers

(level 1:20 energy, Level 2:40 energy, Level 3:80 energy, Level 4:120 energy)

Level 2:3000~4000 :(level 1:30 energy, level 2:60 energy, level 3:120 energy, level 4:180 energy)

4000+ (Level 1:40 Energy, Level 2:80 Energy, Level 3:160 Energy, Level 4:240 Energy)


2000 Power: Nash shotgun, Kill Shotgun, Enforcer machine gun, Thunderstorm Assault Rifle, Bayonet Assault Rifle, Cavalry Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle, Ampa Sniper rifle, Marksa Sharpshooter rifle

2500 Power: Claw light machine gun, Hellfire launcher

Second gear

3000 Power: Chainsaw gun, Mucho machine gun

3500 Energy: Ice Cannon

4000 Energy: GL Cavalry assault rifle, Mine Drill gun, mechanical bow, grenade launcher, triple-barrel machine gun, split hammer spear

Three gears

6000 Power: RL-4 row rocket launcher

Grade 1 durability 2000, Grade 2 durability 3000, Grade 3 durability 5250, Grade 4 durability 10000,

Level 2 upgrade costs 10,000 energy, Level 3 upgrade costs 10,000 energy, level 4 upgrade costs 10,000 energy.

Double-barreled machine guns (only available on abyss and partial evacuation maps)

Damage is 675 and weak points have no crit bonus

Unlimited durability, unlimited ammo

Rate of fire: 10 rounds per second. After firing 50 rounds in a row, it will overheat for 1.6 seconds before it can continue firing. (Once it overheats, it will not be able to fire for 2 seconds.

Bug: The turret will never fire if the player is knocked to the ground during overheat

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So would this work with Brawler’s Pyromaniac? +100% burn damage.

Unfortunately, no.

Some good data here

Would you say it reached “Brent Spiner” level?

You are alive!? :partying_face:

Yes, just very busy atm.

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The debuff effect of level 2 barrier is stronger than that of Level 1. Use level 2 barrier as much as possible to slow down enemies. Roboticists have priority to upgrade building health, while mechanics have priority to upgrade building damage

In evacuation mode

Level 2 weapon cabinet reload. takes 180 seconds to reload a weapon with 0 ammo

Mechanic, Architect, robotician. Passive weapon cabinet efficiency +10%

Level 2 weapon cabinet reload, takes 165 seconds, reloads the 0 ammo weapon, and fills one sniper round every 12 seconds

The robotician carries a level 4 weapon cabinet effect card

Level 2 weapon cabinet reload, takes 108 seconds, reloads 0 ammo weapon, and fills one sniper round every 8 seconds

Mechanic weapon cabinet effect cards do not add to existing weapon cabinets on the map