Terrible game 1 out of 5 stars

Such a terrible game. I have been a loyal gears player since one month after gears 1 was first released. But this is just shamefull what a waste of time will not be buying this upon release and unless major changes are made i dont give gears 5 , 6 months before it is dead it feels more like COD rather than gears


Your judging this after a couple of hours on 2 maps on a tech test?

What an idiot! Arcade sure I understand - but KOH feels the same aside from the lancer which needs a slight tweak

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Ive been playing koth its all i play online its far to slow and ive played 5 arcade games and not starting without a shotgun is just not gears of war

its just the arcade mode ranked mode is ur typical gears we love

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Nope, you’re wrong. Koth does not feel the same. The game is slow, clunky & feels like dog ■■■■. I’ve been playing Gears for 13 years & this is the worst feeling out of all of them. I even persevered with GoW2 back in the day & this feels slower & worse than that. OP is right, this is terrible.

Please post feed in the official thread :slight_smile: