Terrible Event Stop these repeating events!

Only thing we have to worry about now is the knife kills, but I counter those 99% of the time, granted not sure if the counter works with b disabled lol dunno not got kicked too often in OSOK since the change.

I don’t mind that though, its annoying when it happens but I should know better when sitting in cover.

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Precisely, the entire game can’t be easy for everybody. Im not claiming to be a great sniper, but can hold my own… I hold my own pretty well in PVP period

On the flip side, I can’t do a horde or escape run solo on anything higher than Experienced before I have troubles, and that’s only if I’m using my maxed Infiltrator, otherwise I’m even lower with other classes lol

Barring The 2 Master runs I did on Clock, but had to get tips for that, and even then ya 1st time I got lucky, got it in 1 go… 2nd time I beat it with the exact same RNG, I died like 15 times lmfao, finally took the chance to see if there was anything useful in that safe room in the 2nd Act I was going around, burned both my flashes to get there, but the Boom and more flashes ended being what I needed.


So from what I read, there is nothing wrong with the mode, other than the difficulty of the medal that you managed to complete in a few hours in a 2 week mode that hasn’t been available for months but people frequently request?

I don’t enjoy OSOK at all but if you want to throw garbage at TC, at least do it in a constructive manner. Guardian kills as the leader is a big issue for a lot of players, and more so for PvE players who barely touch anything other than Versus AI, but that has nothing to do with the mode at all.

Might take me a match or 10, but the event lasts for 2 weeks so what’s so terrible about it?

Bro…just take the L and move on bruh, if you get raw dogged, you get raw dogged it happens to all of us.

These are seasonal events, keyword being SEASONAL.

I’ve poured a load of hours into this game but I still struggle, you aren’t the only one.

It’s not doing you any good with complaining about people who are better than you.

I am the worlds worst at Versus and avoid unless getting these events and even I managed 4 kills as leader in 2 hours.

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My favorite event they’ve had (because I love Guardian and sniping), however I I wish they could be more creative with their events. It feels like more than half the ones we get are just from EPIC games… back in 2011.

Why not try something crazy like Breaker Mace vs Chainsaws? Or grenade tags only (not wall tags btw) with a blast radius of 20ft? Idk, just feel like we could use some fresh ideas as TBT and longshots only are getting stale.


The breaker would always lose, unless the chainsawer is incompitent lol just saying only times I die to a breaker is cause I got rid of my lancer or they sneak up on me… otherwise if I know Mace is coming and I still have my lancer… they dead.

The grenade tag thing could be interesting tho, but you’d have to do something that forces people to move, otherwise the smart players are just gonna chill in one spot after they done planted there’s, to prevent running across someone else’s.

They should have implemented a Scorcher only event after introducing it… that’s got chaos written all over it lol


Ah true, my brain went straight to floor instead when he said that haha

This a @TC_Clown alt.


They arent impossible lol, but they do take a bit of time. And tbh unless you play versus or are a collector, you don’t really need this skin. It’s all on preference.

I’m gonna play bunny hunt, get the medals done, play with the skin until the event is over and then I’m going to wait until next year to use the skin.

Let’s just stop celebrating all annual events. They happen every year and are totally repetitive.

Bah humbug


To each their own, I am mixed on how everyone feels

I like the holiday events, except Thanksgibbling and Snowball… but still would be fine with them staying and me not playing them lol but I like knowing “this is about to happen” just like I knew Bunny Hunt was coming… but I also would like to see variety of new events inbetween Holidays.

PS why don’t we have a Freedom Lancer event for 4th of July, no lancer bullets just infinite Gernade Launcher lmao XD


The problem is they use these repetitive events as if they are sufficient at keeping the game fresh. Which they are not. But it gives them something to type on the TWIG and say, “hey look, we do events! We keep up with this game.”


None the less 6 or 7 games and I got my Rascally Rabbit… now to use him and see if people aim at me instead of leader lol

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Yeah, there’s so little variation in these events that it’s become a staple of Easter/Halloween/Christmas etc. It’s a case of “Oh look! It’s nearly Easter, that means it’s Bunny Hunt!”

Similarly when Christmas rolls up, it’s a case of Jingle Juvies and Snowball Fight.

Maybe TC are trying to turn it into a sort of GOW tradition, like Christmas is associated with turkey, mulled wine, and Christmas pudding, they want to make it about a particular set of modes. But I personally like to be surprised from time to time. Otherwise it just gets stale. I mean, Jingle Juvies as an example, has been a Gearsmas thing every year since 2017 I think.


Damn I could have got my 5 kills in 1 game, cause I just did after the fact lol went ham and clutched that crap… won 1st round, then my leaders insta died next 2 rounds, so I push and insta kill their leader 4th round, ours dies, but we finish it off, satisfyingly killing a guy cockily taunting in the process.

Final round like I said, went ham, got 5 kills, including the other leader… and bapt(landan term) the taunter after his leader was already dead… so satisfying lol

Well, I’m glad I was only able to get the Diamond-mark lol.

I have never actually played a ranked game with you and I guarantee that you are a better player than the majority of people with Master marks