Terrible Event Stop these repeating events!

Kinda fed up with the this lame repeating events, the Longshot only, Torguebow, Boomshot events, now with this one, they want you to get 5kills as the leader this is an huge issue for me as PvP casual since this is barely possible to become leader and then get 5 kills at all. In 2hrs of playing this now ive racked up a whopping 2 kills.

Stop this ■■■■■■■■, i know your sweat playerbase can do this in a single game but for the casual like me this is just another sigh and gotta waste a alot of time on this

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Isnt it out for like 2 weeks? And these repeating events typically are seasonal. Tbow tag doesnt come out until Valentines Day and we dont get Bunny Hunt until Easter time. So its only once a year and then they dissapear
As for you not being able to be leader, you can get 5 kills as leader in 2 weeks it’s really not that hard.


Is it normal i have to comfronted all the time i suck at a game that everybody dominates me on this i cant get done whilst all my friends already completed it and im just here sitting frustrated at an event i hated since the dawn of time, kinda done with OSOK TBT and boomshot events cant they make something more original

Just saying these sniper events are camping in spawn 24/7 thats just boring if you ask me

I dislike most of these events. However I would LOVE it if they made Arms Race a permanent playlist . That is some serious fun. It can get a bit sweaty too at times.


If you “suck” then you just try to get better man. I am by no means a good player but I am still improving at this game. As for how people play in OSOK, well I wish people grew a pair lol.


Hey, at least we’re getting a seasonal reminder just how awful they are. Always great to get stomped by Master-marks that should be contained in their own lobby.

I’m gonna find a bot-lobby early in the morning, finish the medals quickly and never touch this again.


It took me match after match after match just to get 35 kills as leader in guardian and now I have to it again lol.

I wouldn’t mind as much but I am rarely picked as leader. Oh well time to play this event for 2 weeks because I am getting that skin lol.

Edit: Crap its sniper rifles only? Thats my weakest weapon as in I m rubbish with the Longshot in VS lol.

I dont want to be good i just want to enjoy a game, im not enjoying it nor any events that are these 3 things only, i love Arms Race dodgeball etc but this feels so damn boring


Go play 4 then man, 4 has arms race and dodgeball.

And not everybody finds bunny hunt boring, its actually my favorite seasonal mode. Obviously its just OSOK but I love being able to just use the longshot.

That is boring… I’m the other kind of person people have complained about during OSOK times (the guy popshotting you within a 10 feet radius)


Problem is 99% of games isnt like this. Nor do i mind you being better nor do i complain about you, i just dont like this event it feels copy pasted and its something i dont like playing. I dont ask for handouts or anything but 5 kills as leader couldve been kill 5 leaders maybe that would fix the issue

To summarise i dont like spending 5 odd hours doing something i dont prricually like, did get lucky last games at wrapped up that medal finally

Still i can see this event being a makor roadblock for many

Are the medals up? maybe need to update my game

edit After a match they showed up

Ive played 4 enough and those two playlists are empty so no use to play it there.

This game has few quickplay modes they should just be dropped in a Rumble Pit kinda playlist where all modes randomly cycle

Idk what to tell you man, sounds like a personal problem.

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Some people like this mode, such as myself. I love not having to race the guy in front of me for the snipe.

If you don’t find it fun, play a mode you do find fun. You don’t have to earn every skin. There’s plenty I’ve missed from either being inactive or from not feeling like grinding them.

Do what’s fun for you and you’ll find you won’t grief as much.


We’re all entitled our own opinion, and I respect yours… I have done made it clear I love this event and OSOK is 2nd for me, probably Tbow Tag 3rd, so you hate me lmao

But we all different, I have done explained why Bunny Hunt is my #1 Favorite Event, because it combines my #1 Favorite Game Mode with Snipes, which I love to snipe.

Not played yet cause I just woke up (yay night shift) but me personally I’m not sweating the medals, I know I’ll get em done pretty quick and still keep playing after, cause I just love it lol, but again, I don’t hate you for having your own opinion.

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I’m stoked to play, osok hasn’t been out since op 4 right?

Not sure,.maybe early Op 5, not sure but does seem like it’s been awhile.

I’m stoked for this one cause it’s supposed to have OSOK rules now in regards to downs and melees if I read correctly.

I can’t say crap if someone hits a good shot on me… may be frustrated but still nod “nice shot… a$$” but when they start meleing the crap out of me or just go for the body shots and shoot me when I’m down I’m just like “boo you suck, why you playing a snipe event if you’re not even trying to properly snipe?”

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It took them a long time on 4 to get OSOK right, I can’t stand getting meleed and body shot to death.

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Then don’t play it. If you’re not good enough to get the kills then go play something you do find fun. I won’t be able to do it either but that’s good, they should be hard. Not everything should be a gift. That’s the problem they made the tour too easy with bloody CO-OP vs AI, now no one actually wants to earn a badge from doing something of note, they want to slaughter bots.

I don’t care if the skin was get 10 head shot kills in a row with 10 consecutive shots, atleast that reward would mean something, rather than load up beginner and kill 10 bots with a chainsaw.