Terrible Achievement Tracking

Not sure this is allowed, but i have a bone to pick with The Coalition…a big one.
Not only did i beat campaign(thank god it was on casual)…it did not register:

  1. Discovered the True Threat to Sera(beat all Acts of the Campaign. ANY DIFFICULTY) For some reason, the achievement didnt pop.

  2. Pennies from Heaven(grab supplies from all fallen condors in acts 2 and 3)…did those…got the checks to show completion(2 crash condor sites in act 2 and 1 in act 3)yet the achievement doesnt show progress.

  3. Jack of all Trades(Acquire all of Jack’s ULTIMATE ABILITIES): Got all the last upgrades for Jack’s abilities: Flash Freeze, Seeker, Detonator Implant, Marked for Death, Brawler, Slayer and Deadly OVerload. still no achievement.

Not to mention all the issues over launch weekend…$80 pretty much wasted…Thanks Coalition.