can we please not have terminators i ranked games? theyre not allowed in comps. why should a basically invisible character be allowed in ranked games?


Looks like someone had a tough match.

The answer is ‘So I can hear Sarah Connor yell “Scratch one Terminator!”’


They are loud.

bc theyre hard to see. its an unfair advantage if it wasnt then theyd allow it in gamebattles


If gears 6 has crossovers I’m not getting it, terminator an SC in gears was always gona be sh*t but they did it anyway, I hope it’s cost them more in players and what those players would have spent, than they got from marketing that bs

If they HAVE to stay in 5 then I think TC owes it to the few remaining players to treat ranked like any competitive setting and disallow characters with an unfair advantage.

Tho removing them from the game and replacing them with iron would be my 1st choice, and MANY others I’m sure, tho I can’t see that

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Maybe tc know something we dont and are secretly training us for when skynet attacks and the unsc comes to save us?

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You know damn well RDJ isn’t in TC’s budget. Now a Jarvis controlled suit on the other hand–

Maybe not TC but MS could afford him, then we coulda had flying iron man suits everywhere and truly hated this game :roll_eyes:

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When skynet attacks, no one will save you

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I’d appreciate if they would actually say something, they are virtually silent. Please, add some cyborg noises to them when they throw nades and tag enemies?

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Or give them some LEDs along the skeleton to make them more visible. Or even give them the deep Guardian sounds.

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TC already mentioned their hands are tied on anything that would change the appearance or sounds of the terminator because it is not their intellectual property.

No way. That would ruin the authenticity of the Terminator. Go back and watch the movie and tell me when you hear “cyborg noises.”

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Well that’s a shame.

Yes, the authenticity of the Terminator in our Gears of War game, let’s not mess with that.

they actually addressed this on the dev stream a while ago.

apparently their hands are tied due to the contract in place and the marketing deal MS signed with Skydance Media. They can’t make alterations(lights, sparks, more visibility) to the T800 due to IP rights. And they can’t outright remove the skin due to the contract.

Boneheaded move from the Marketing team at Xbox has hamstrung TC and screwed over Gears players.

Halo was bad enough and then they went all-in with this garbage and WWE stuff, not to mention the rapper stuff from gears 4.

I could excuse that because they nearly did the same with Ice T, just he had his own character, whereas RTJ didn’t really break the immersion. But seeing Terminators and Kats everywhere is a different story.

I do wonder if it’s possible for MS to re-negotiate with Skydance as far as changing the contract up but either A) It’s not possible; or B) They don’t care enough to change it, so just ban him from ranked games.


I’m hoping for the contract to actually run out so they can remove them but who the hell knows when that will be. could be 1 year or 10.

You know actually having Arnold voice lines would help a bit but that was probably more money than MS was willing to spend.

having the character playable in Ranked was most likely a part of their contract and even if TC wanted to change it (they do) it’s out of their control .

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Which is weird because you’d think MS (Or more accurately Xbox Studios) would have enough extra cash to go all out like with Mortal Kombat. Seeing that Netherrealm is considerably smaller than all of Xbox.