Terminators in Versus

Ok I’m going to try this again since some mods here are quick to lock up discussions about negative issues to this game

Terminators have the same hit box as other characters but that doesn’t mean they don’t give an advantage in MP. Played a match on Foundation where terminators hide in the corners in the Boom area and because of their small black frame and almost no lighting they are very easy to overlook and hard to see.

This is not a issue on hit boxes as all characters have the same hit box in MP but his color and frame make it visually harder to fight against one, which is why many stacked teams run full Terminators. This is not even taking about his footsteps which make judging how close and far he is very difficult.

I like the Halo characters in the game (wish chief was here) but they don’t look like locust/swarm and don’t blend in with the background. I’m all for promotion but not at the cost of the quality of the game itself.

They are banned in esports for the reasons you mentioned…

They are allowed in ranked because no one would pay for them if they could only play them in quickplay and privates.