Terminator pack 2 question

Yeah, they do.

Not even a gears related character lmao…but unfortunately some will be blinded by loyalty to a shitshow game and buy them.

My jaw dropped when I saw the price for it.

$22.99 for two characters (one of which you need ANOTHER pack to use), a blood spray, banner, and a spot icon? ONE OF THE CHARACTERS DOESNT EVEN DIALOGUE, FFS. It honestly breaks my heart when I see people buying that crap. A complete waste of money, and only giving the corporate stooges more reason to pull ■■■■■■■■ like this.

Remember RAAM’s Shadow DLC? That gave you a 2-3 hour story mission, weapon skins, six multiplayer characters, and MP maps as well. All that for what, like $9 - $12?? That was quality content and definitely worth the price.

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Great comment…spot on.

Great news people.

Finally reached out to @TC_Octus via Twitter who checked back with the Devs who then immediately deployed a hotfix.

The Pack with Rev-9 now should also be usable WITHOUT having the T-800 installed.

Could someone who had the problem please record if the hotfix was successful?

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I categorically believe that any character skin vatiant that has been paid for with money or Iron, should be instantly accessible. The idea that it needs a base skin seems silly.

I don’t object if they are free unlockable-through-gameplay as long as it’s not timed and is available for anyone to unlock at any point in time.

Yup, that sorted it! Nice work :+1:t3:


You’re welcome. :+1: