Terminator pack 2 question

Is grace a skin or a character because I noticed that the pack comes with a score card for some reason

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Grace is a full character.

Also, you need pack 1 for REV 9 Incase you don’t have it.


Can someone please post her cards and abilities if she is a character. Thank you

a million times this, some players have been caught out and need to purchase DF1 pack 1 now to use Rev-9

I feel bad for the people who don’t have DF1 and got it for REV 9 only to not get it.

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agree, it does not mention it anywhere in store you need DF1 to use Rev-9, spend $20 to find out you need to spend more on another pack is just plain crazy


It does say skin, not character. But it is deceptive.

You might want to check out this thread.

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Thank you Ektope

Why would you support this man

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Actually, it says skin on all characters. Not just the Rev-9. The T-800, Sarah, Grace and Rev-9. Even Warden and Raam are described as skins in the in-game store.

If you go to the external store, like xbox store, it displays the Dark Fate DLC packs as character packs with absolutely no hints that only the Rev-9 is a skin, which is dependent on the T-800 skin.

Like Grace wouldnt be playable without Sarah skin. Just doesnt make any sense with the information provided.

Its beyond confusing and incredible unfair way of hiding the fact that for some reason the Rev-9 skin is dependent on the t-800 skin.

If theyre that good at hiding the dependencies, how can you buy any DLC in the future and actually know that the skin/character is even usable?

Go take a closer look. If I’m missing the obvious I’d be happy to know.


All I meant was that it was ambiguous.


It’s still too expensive even after “changes” in store. For me all skins which were for characters pretty awesome but it not forth 15£€$

Only Aape bundle have equal / right price to what it have (everything)

How long will the new terminator pack be available for?

To long

Not an answer…

Oh ok…not gears related so dont know

The question was thread related.

The pack is laughably expensive at $18 or $20 to begin with but it’s crazy how the Rev-9 is a skin of the T-800 so if you don’t have the 1st pack you literally can’t use the Rev-9, the 2nd pack does not even tell you this.

I really hope people do NOT support this kind of crap, 1 character and 1 skin is not worth $18 or $20.

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