Terminator Horde Event Reward Images

So basically I want to know if the horde event challenges are worth grinding since I am not earning cards in the horde event. I was just wondering if anyone has earned these rewards and if so can someone post a picture or a Youtube video of them so people like me can see them before we grind for them.


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The only thing you get is a banner.

I was happy to see a short duration version of horde but being locked to the one map made me lose interest after only 2 games. The lack of cards for game completion killed the mode even faster.


So it really is only the banner? Wow, crappy prize for grind. WTG. Won’t be finishing those challenges.

I thought you get a blood spray and the a mark as well for completing the challenges.

Also the 20 waves thing is great I hope they do a horde lite again later on in gears 5

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Haven’t seen nor heard of anything but the banner. Even with a bloodspray and mark is still not worth the trouble for me, I just don’t like that map.

Horde 20 or 25 waves needs to be a permanent mode. It worked awesome on G4, what is TC waiting for?

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Ranking your character up without skill cards is useless…

You will get banner, mark and blood spray. Worth it only because of the mark + you can grind very fast there all your horde medals

The mark is the only reason I’m grinding these challenges, and I don’t even know what the mark looks like. Gotta catch em all.

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Mark is T800 head

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Actually sounds nice. Thanks.

Its so weird, Ill get 2 or 3 cards for the COG soldier and no cards for anyone else

The only cards I got were character level up specific rewards, no random cards for skills already unlocked.

20 waves on insane last friday, not one card given for completion.

You get 4 cards for completing all 20 waves now. I think it just started awarding the cards today.

Ok cool if it actually awards cards might be worth the grind then.

Also if someone who has unlocked it could post a picture that would be great

In Jafar voice here is your reward


Thanks dude really helped me out. Hopefully it will help others out as well

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For future reference you can just mark my post as a solution (the check mark button) and it’ll get added to the bottom of your initial post so you don’t have to edit your post and yoink my photo :grin:

Thanks did not know that

All good. Happy to help…actually had that photo since around Monday and just completely forgot to post it here since they only had info about the bloodspray and mark in a twitter post. So thank you for the memory spark

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