Terminator Horde as Jack is a lost cause if Del is a **************

Terminator Horde … Del Taken, JD taken , so Hop on to leveling up my Jack (ohh err Mrs)… We have a level 15 Del so this is going to be great me thinks… nahhhhhhh

I immediately burn my 9K of my start 10K credits on building the forge and amazingly folk chuck in most of their credits into Fab too … we have a great team I think … well apart from the (as Fahz would say) Tosser that is Del it turns out

Turns into a turret spam fest by Del who wants the max kills / credits for them self … despite asking in chat will they please upgrade the forge for the benefit of the team … nah … nadda … nothing , Over a few of levels I collect the energy needed for lvl 2 forge in cooking battlefield waste and pickups while keeping them all alive and ask (Tosser) Del numerous times … please upgrade the forge here is the energy to do it - and dump the energy to do it directly to them which they use to build / upgrade their turrets… Then despite numerous message / request and despite even picking the forge up and following them around with it for a whole level, they still ignore it … so I stick the forge out in the middle of the play field as a “decoy” … and they just leave it there and at end of the remaining waves even repairing it …

Can folk not work as a team anymore ??



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my thoughts exactly :frowning:

They’ve created a really poor set up for horde…locked classes, poor restrivtive weapon loadout, its generally a poor game driven by a greedy/poor developer


Welcome to Online Gaming. This is why I don’t enjoy MP with randoms. I don’t have enough faith to trust people who can take advantage of personal gain, to instead try to work with the team. It gets to the point where groups will immediately begin shunning randoms. Once you get burned like this, never again, basically.

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Only dumb engineers will try to sentry spam without thinking about their teammates in the new terminator event. They will be overwhelmed by the T-800s and guardians/sentinels in no time. Besides, sentries are weak in the new game compared to GoW 4’s sentries. If I were you in that game, I would’ve just left immediately honestly.


20 waves of horde for terminator is counter productive to use a forge actually. The waves end real fast too since they are all machines that always move towards you thus you are forced to kill them. Most of the waves also contain mainly rolling balls or have too few enemies that drop weapons for you to smelt, better to store the heavy weapons. So not much to smelt.

If you want to play jack, it’s best to use repair and healing cards.

As for the del, depending on difficulty. I don’t even bother to donate on the first two difficulty(Beginner/Experienced?). On insane, you need around 3 lockers and properly layered wire barriers… Maybe about 4 turrets, 2 sentries and 2 shock at final few waves. My first attempt ever, I jump straight into insane and I played as del. 4 wire barriers, 2 sentry, 2 shock , 3 lockers and cleared the horde…

But I saw I need to kill 2000 enemies as one of the medals, shook my head on the grind for an ugly banner and said nope…


Lockers for heavy weapons make way more sense than sentries. Groups of Terminators will just come up and sponge sentries.

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Personally i think at least 3 fully upgraded lockers at least should be made by del first as priority, that should be enough to feed jd,kait and fahz for their weapons. after that del can build what he wants


So I mvp the crap out of del using exactly zero sentries by simply keeping lockers of trishots available and using them. Is there anything more useful than a trishot when you have no weapon perks/cards? I’m pretty new to this version of horde and so far it just seems trishot trishot trishot.

Edit: sorry didn’t mean to veer off topic


Isn’t it more correct to say any Horde match as Jack with a bad Del is a lost cause. I apologise in advance since this is my first time on the forum uploading images, but nonetheless.

Note this Del (and Kat, but they were like Level 2) for example (apologies that it’s a really early wave mind you), who did the same as yours somewhat, with me asking four times in chat to upgrade my Forge and donating every time. This game also had an AFKer up until about Wave 36, so it was real fun (thankfully a low diff).

Shout out to the JD As well who instead insisted on building more weapon lockers; not upgrading the existing ones, building more. We didn’t even have Tri-Shots filling ONE of them, why build more?! He even asked me to go get him a Tri-Shot in waves where no such thing existed!

Or this Del, who horded up to 150k (!) power. He at least used a bit of it sparingly, until Wave 50, where he did this (note for example the Level 2 Locker or the Level 3 Barriers):

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As a (Primarily) Del player, this was frustrating to read lol your job as the Engineer isn’t to put up a billion turrets and farm kills. Your job is to build fortifications that will benefit the team as a whole. Which includes weapon lockers and a forge if you have a good Jack player who knows their role and plays it well. Your role as Del is not to get kills. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from combat completely either.


It goes the other way around as well. Del AND Jack are necessary for Horde.
I played Del on Insane the other day (I had already finished it as Del before) and Jack was level 4…that should tell you how it went from the start.
I build a level 2 forge at the start, which he didn’t start using until after wave 10…of course we didn’t make it, because we ran out of power, even when I was desperately smelting the mulchers, salvos, whatever away and putting the tri-shots from guardians on the racks. The killer wave 16 where 4 guardians come into your base…people also still don’t understand to not empty heavy weapons because of the bug that still hasn’t been fixed.
I really wish TC would lock the advanced modifier difficulties to level 10+ characters.
It’s the same in Escape. When you’re in an Elite or higher lobby and a sub level 10 character joins, you know it’s going to be a bad run.


Thanks all for the very good comments …

Good thoughts … and I agree with you on getting to multiple high level lockers full of trishots. My play / thoughts had been that a lvl 2 (possibly 3 towards the end) forge is useful for the extra (usually empty when dropped) ton of Slavo’s / mulchers we seem to get left over in the low teen waves …

“never smelt a trishot” should become a Tee Shirt :rofl:

Others have added other some great insights into terminator horde strategy, which is very different to full on horde as well :+1:

As OP i feel its my job to turn my thread around from the dig at Del to a positive thread , therefore as we are stuck with one map currently … where do folk think is the best place to drop the fab off ??

I see most people either use way back in the cave in HOS Spawn or “up top of the map” in the Middle on the first level of overlook

Best thing for del to do on that map is get 4 barriers, 3lv 1, 1lv 4. Use the swiss cheese setup.

1 shock sentry aimed at the same side and then pump lockers when you can.

Once you have 3 lockers throw a sentry in too. Gg

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I was in a match with a pure level 1 completely new player to the game playing Insane horde. I wouldn’t have minded if we weren’t struggling and they ended up hogging 32000 power because they didn’t know they had to deposit it. I did try to tell them but they didn’t do anything.

I would ask TC to lock down public lobbies for certain levels but then we have been asking for this since the beginning of Gears 4 I think? So I doubt they’ll do anything. Ridiculous considering the time put in to making banners, blood sprays and emotes and the store.

Unfortunately the state of the game at the moment is pretty much what the game will continue to be until the next one or it’s death. Other than the addition of new maps and characters/content the formula is likely to stay the same.

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I find myself playing jack frequently because the character I would like to play is taken. I run into the issues you describe.

It seems like jack is what most people don’t want to play byet still want the character to follow them around and pick their butts up every 15 seconds.

TC should give jack the ability to upgrade the forge and weapons locker.


Seems a shame that to beat higher difficulties your standing there spamming tri shots to survive…cause standard weapons are useless…like 4 with sentries they took any skill away and made it boring yet again.

You can always pick up a turret from del and put it in the wall. Only Jack will be able to get it out again because it’ll be too elevated for others to redeploy it

Well, I did 20 waves of Insane Terminator Horde with randoms, I was level 12 Del, I only put two centinels on each side, three spikes on each side, three lockers and that was it. Our Jack was reaching the heavy weapons, helping to repair one side, reviving. No need to forge or turrets or shocks (because there was no more energy, perhaps some one wasnt depositing it and spending it on himself, whatever). It was really easy.