Terminator : Dark Fate Xbox

So I see ads with this new Xbox with the dark date theme and supported by Gears 5 - glowing red eye and everything- kinda looks better than the Gears 5 limited edition Xbox I purchased😂 just saying… wish I knew, I would have waited for that one- lol


Do you think you can get a picture I am oddly curious now also it might be for the new Terminator game coming out soon instead of Gears 5 or does it say it is supported by Gears 5?
Note:Searching Youtube/Images/And Xbox News Wire and not seeing anything so far except for Rev-9 and Grace etc.

Is it this one?


Not a big Terminator fan at all, but that looks pretty cool though!

Thanks OP for the info,The console looks awesome.:sunglasses:

I’d rather buy the Xbox “PREDATOR COLLECTOR’S EDITION”. whenever they released it.

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Gears of War 3 Developers and Designers took inspiration from this:

It’s a contest thing, you can’t buy it. They did similar consoles for Godzilla KotM and Game of Thrones series finale.

Starting Friday, November 1 and running through November 15, fans have the chance to win the extremely limited-edition “Terminator: Dark Fate” Xbox One X.

So, you would’ve withheld buying an Xbox that came with Gears 5 to instead wait two months and participate in a raffle for a one-in-a-million chance to win a different Xbox with the same game.

Oh, and Grace.

How about…A Delivery Driver Mac edition? Now that, I would buy.

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If I had money, I’d buy every single copy just to smash them into a million pieces, then bury them in the desert where they buried all those unsold E.T Atari games.

I’d do my part for humanity

I don’t know man , that edition pretty much nobody would buy… only the casuals that like fortnite -like games. LOL = )

I know that you are joking man !! jajajaja If a PREDATOR XBOX EDITION would arrive with the MINI-GUN image on top of the xbox man, you would buy it in a hearbeat !!.

Looks nice, but at this point I’d involuntarily scream “METAL MOTHERF****R” every time I see the thing, so not really a good addition to my media center.