Terminator Collab was good while it lasted

A short, sweet thread about the whole Terminator Marketing In Gears 5;

Its time to close the door on this thing. Havent seen a single Grace/REV-9 skin in MP/Horde/Escape. Nobody in their right mind is going to pay $20 for this goodies set. But people surprise us, so thats on them (I dont count the 1st pack, since that was a pre-order bonus, plenty of regular t800’s/Sarah Connors running around) Please TC, focus your resources on something else

…To top it all off, Terminator: Dark Fate was a box office BOMB. Im talking a Hammer of Dawn Strike right in the franchises e-hole. This is not IMDB, so I will not discuss or post a review about this movie. But really, its ironic that all this marketing went to waste, I just hope TC stops using the money they got on Terminator content and focuses it on the main, base game. We dont need a 3rd term. pack…


It’s really more Microsoft that pushed the marketing.

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I see grace/rev-9 all the time in versus. Too bad we never got Arnold. Maybe for the Blu Ray release?

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Wished those two were unlockable. Get Grace by killing 200 enemies as Sarah Connor in any mode. Rev-9 by getting 100 eliminations as T-800.

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Why you replying to me? I’m not the the one saying I never see them. I see them all the time. In fact I just played a match with a grace.

Wrong reply button.


Yea I don’t really care I’m…just sayin.
Appreciate the drake&Josh throwback :joy:


You guys must be outside of US. Eastern US here (NYC) I have never seen a Grace skin at all. Only REV-9’s Ive seen where in the Dark Fate Horde Event :eyes:

Yeah, the movie is a nuclear bomb, but it was to be expected with all the leaks floating around.
I’ve only seen Grace twice, same for the Rev-9. Would love to see a T-800 Arnold skin with proper voice fragments, like “Get to the chopper!” for Escape, but yeah, at this point…it’s a worthless crossover for something that additional marketing won’t save.

Give us Arnie then they can stop with the Terminator stuff…
So then they can focus on getting us Norman Reedus in the game as a cross promotion for Death Stranding, coming soon to Microsoft Windows PC.

:rofl:like that

Glad people are bringing this stuff up. I hope TC crunches the numbers and it shows that selling out character slots isn’t more profitable than sticking within the Gears universe.

Am I the only one who’s never had any trouble with the T-800? I actually prefer it over the dumb DB any day of the week.

Old Sarah Connor? That’s another story. We wanted young Linda Hamilton in her commando outfit when she sets out to kill the doctor from Skynet in T2. :frowning:


Eh… Tbh there are very few great characters in the GOW universe. Marcus, Cole, maybe Baird, maybe Maria, and that’s about it. I hope there are more cross-promotions to broaden the multiplayer character pool.

I’ll say it. I bought the pack for Grace/Rev-9. I thought the mark looked pretty fancy and I had the Sarah Connor/T800 pack from Game Pass. I thought I’d spend £15 on the game to get a different character in PvE. The way I saw it was kinda how I saw an expansion in gears 3. It was a way of getting that extra thing to bring something new to the table after you’ve played for a while. Change things up a bit. That extra thing to grind. I’d rather spend money on a new character with a different play style, than spend it on iron for just a skin to a weapon/character that only changes your appearance. Tho I did buy the whole skin pack in gear 3 but only coz it was on sale for 1800 Microsoft points and there were some really cool skins in that pack.

I thought the movie was awesome

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I’ve seen Grace only once. I’ve never seen a Rev-9.

Ya, I mean… that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve never been in a game with one. Theyre basically impossible to see.

I might actually purchase Arnold. After all he is the king of man child’s.

Yeah why Grace but no Arnie? He’s the only one I’d spend money on. I don’t feel like they’re gonna add him either. I feel like this is it.

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