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Terminator characters

So been playing all weekend and not 1 time did I run into a person playing horde with the new terminator character
to that I say


here is to you having integrity and not buying that crap pack


I’ve ran into that Terminator chick every other match I play. I’m not proud of y’all at all… :frowning:


Lol really where is your region?

I’m east coast NY and I didn’t see 1

Same, in NA East.

Sarah is the one char I haven’t really used. I refuse to pay for Grace. $20 for 1 horde character with half the perks as the default classes is asking for too much. The ultimate edition at least gave me 3 chars with half as many perks and a 2 month exp boost. As for Sarah she’s basically Marcus with less utility and more stagger. Marcus has hardly any utility outside his ult and Sarah has even less. Also both their dmg sucks. JD and Kait are OP but id dare say Fahz puts Marcus and Sarah to shame.


I’m yet to use any of the terminator or halo character is Horde once I knew they had limited cards
I got friends of if they see a sarah connor they quit games cause they are useless past wave 20

No one with a tri shot is useless :stuck_out_tongue:

Emile is pretty good for escape because of his drop shield and melee perks.

Kat I used first because I like engineer. That was before I realized she had half the perks as Del. Since I already had her lvled up i stuck with her. Now I use her out of preference. I’ve done masters with her and it’s totally doable. Her ult is better IMO. If you haven’t lvled either engineer yet I would tell you to lvl Del because he flat out gets more+better perks.



One of my friends has his Marcus maxed at level 18 and his cards are all level 5 and 6. We played Horde on Master difficulty and he was able to play a big contribution. His Ultimate ability gave us all an extra oomph and with the combination of cards as well as making the effort to recharge the Ultimate with chainsaw kills (he had that Brutal Efficiency card or whatever) he was able to hit his Ultimate once per wave and sustain it for longer than normal lengths of time.

I’m not sure how this compares to Fahz, but Marcus can be a real heavy hitter. Just it’s more team based!

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That could be why the majority of people think Marcus is weak. They are probably randoms without headsets so they don’t coordinate his ult with everyone else. I think he might be the weakest of the group but JD and Kait are borderline op with their bleed damage. Fahz is probably a little stronger because of his headshot bonus’s. Marcus sounds like he was designed to take dmg but that’s irrelevant when you play on difficulties where you go down in 2 shots.

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Only seen one using Grace so far, but they were all-in and using the swirly rainbow weapon skins too! :roll_eyes:


Yep yep, we basically encountered TC’s whales in-game. Almost felt like watching the nature channel.


I’ve seen the trailer for the new movie, so when the Swarm started to kill her I ran away like she said!

my sympathies for you having to witness that


Thanks, but it’s right at the beginning of the trailer so that’s all I had to see before I changed the channel in time.
Who knows, the movie might be good…

on the topic of marcus Hes a support character once people figure that out that you must coordinate his ultimate with either Fahz or JD he is very useful

seen a Marcus hat could practically call to have an ultimate every wave and with a trishot just landing headshots
well you know It’s east AF


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movie does look like a hard pass for sure

as much as I loved Arnold in the 80s he can’t play that character anymore don’t care for the in world explanation at all for an aging terminator

Idk what you’re talking about, I beat 1-50 with Sarah (and Kat) just fine, the one I struggled with was JD, it was a bloody nightmare using him. (GRANTED I will say, my JD IS a low level)