Temporary Bans From Lobby Dissolving - Joke

First off, thanks for flagging and removing my post. GG

The ban system obviously works if people “quit”, great. But when GOW4s matchmaking kicks me out of a lobby that I wasn’t even in yet, why do I get a ban? If a match dissolves because a player isn’t loading in, 8 times out of 10 it will remove my friend or friends from my squad, but then it won’t let me back out. It says there will be a penalty…(amazing) but matchmaking has not even found a match, it’s still searching… ( I was advised this was an error thanks to the lobby dissolving and I wouldn’t actually get a ban? but I back out and yay, ban.)

The amount of people who have a second profile to play on when they get a ban like this is actually worrying. Looks like it is the only solution…

I know it won’t get fixed by this point, (nothing in this game seems to) if anything it seems to have gotten slowly worse?

Do you have a quick fix TC?

Quick fix? No such thing here. People have been complaining for months and there has not been a quick fix at all. Don’t be surprised when you don’t see one

I know. Looks like I will have to have 2 accounts then. Sad.