Temperature GPU

the temperature with this game reaches 77 degrees, is it normal? with other games the maximum is 65 degrees. Rx 570 4gb.

That’s normal tbh.

Up to 85ish.

It’s totally normal but you can always take a look at the airflow to lower the temps.

I’m always around 57 degrees

I’m always 60-70.

But I’m 100% GPU bound and my fans on the card hardly ever spin up too.

That’s normal. If you have a higher end card of course it’s going to run slightly cooler. I have almost the same card as you. It runs 76 to 79. In the low 80’s if the room is warm. And that’s with a high fan curve and a air flow case. Your fine. This game is graphic heavy.

Is your card overclocked? I have a rx 480 8gb flashed over to a 580 and my temps never hit higher than 69-72 iirc…try checking fan curve and case flow