Tech Test - Week 3 Report

Here’s my report from the Gears 5 Tech Test week #3:

Verses - Whatever you did since week 2 has broken multiplayer. Can’t play matches with friends. When finally get into a match, get randomly kicked. Please revert to settings used for week #gears-2

Escape - Since not part of the first two weeks of the Tech Test, I can’t compare the current instability to previous sessions. Can’t even get started though.

Campaign - Can’t play with even 1 friend, much less 2. Playing solo doesn’t remember collectible progress.

Horde - No way I’m even going to attempt a mode that The Coalition is trying to force people to play in 3-4 hour sessions for a single 1-50 run with the stability issues that are currently rampant in this Tech Test.

Cameo Characters - Seems to be the only thing that is working as expected in this Tech Test… And they aren’t even Gears content.

The Coalition stopped supporting all older Gears games to focus on Gears 5. I wish that focus had been put on the game’s design rather than putting Halo, Terminator, and Dave Baltista characters in the game.

Does anyone know when the finished product will be coming out?


Very well put and I think the second week of the “tech test” was better then this since VS actually worked, I have only managed to finish 1 ranked KOTH and even that had a screw up with the “after report” when the game ended.

@TC_Octus Yup, that’s all this early access really is: Tech Test Week 3. I mean seriously, how are they this many issues on launch day when you already had a tech test? I’m gonna be really interested to see how the first Dev stream goes post-launch. Are you gonna cut off all discussion that’s negative just like you did after the Lambent debacle or are you going to actually listen to us and carry our complaints and frustrations to the Devs and make them fix this?



Did your team ever play the game during the development time?