Tech Test week 2 suggestion

So overall I’m having a blast with the gears 5. I’ve just been playing Koth nonstop. I’ve got tons of feedback but I’ll get to my point. I’ve seen a ton of people complaining about the tech test and how it’s just Judgment2.0. I believe this is because ranked wasn’t working yesterday so all most people played was Arcade and I dont think they knew that it was just a new mode. Arcade is great for new players but you gotta see how a gears vets can jump in and not feel like its gears. So my suggestion is to add TDM to the tech test next week in the social playlist alongside arcade. I personally think you should of waited till release to show arcade, I think its confusing a lot of people for some reason. I’m never gonna get into it but I’m happy it’s in the game for the newer people that dont stick to gears because they’re sick of getting blasted by gnasher vets. Hopefully it’s a way for new people to actually learn and get into gears. TDM in the tech test will give people a taste of true gears 5 multiplayer in a social lobby. Great job TC, cant wait for more gears 5

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